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Headline: April 20 Police Scanner

April 8

An administrator at the Verndale school informed police a juvenile threatened to “shoot up the office staff” and said they wished to press charges against him. A deputy found the juvenile walking on 124th Street and took him to the police station where he was turned over to the sheriff.

A complainant informed police she received a call from her son’s school and was told he had assaulted another student. The complainant said she had been told by authorities that if her son showed any assaultive behavior she was to call the police and they would transport him to a detention center in Moorhead. A police officer contacted the assistant county attorney and was told they would not be issuing an Apprehension and Detention order (A and D) for the complainant’s son.

April 9

A police officer made contact with the driver of a vehicle who smelled of alcohol and marijuana. The man admitted having a couple shots of homemade beer earlier and being around some people who were smoking marijuana. The man was given a field sobriety test and passed. The officer also searched the man’s vehicle but did not discover anything of an illegal nature.

The theft of approximately 160 round bales of hay was reported. It was unknown when the bales were stolen.

April 10

Police broke up a physical confrontation between roommates. An officer spoke to both and they agreed to remain calm for the rest of the night. The complainant had a three-year-old son.

April 12

A caller reported a man left the Casey’s store very irate after he was refused a refund on his activated phone card. The signage at Casey’s indicated “no refunds.”

A driving complaint was made on a 19-year-old male who was testing out his four-wheel drive on the gravel and dirt streets in the city limits of Wadena. A city street department employee was contacted and asked to check for possible damage to the streets.

April 13

A caller reported a blue van full of cats and garbage was parked in the Fleet Supply parking lot. The caller also believed the cats had mites. The owner was contacted and appeared to be in good health.

An older man was observed talking to himself as he wandered around the Sebeka Liquor Store. The person making the complaint did not know who the man was and admitted being nervous about the situation. A deputy identified the man and asked him to leave. The man was cooperative and did not appear to be under the influence of any substances.

A vehicle fleeing a New York Mills police officer was stopped by a deputy just west of Wadena on Highway 10.

April 14

A complainant contacted the police and alleged their daughter was hit over the head with a beer bottle at a juvenile party at the AmericInn. An officer issued one minor consumption citation.

A man requested financial assistance in purchasing a bus ticket to Chicago, Ill. The man alleged his estranged girlfriend took all his money. The man told an officer he was paying for a room at the AmericInn Motel. He told the officer he worked in Chicago and had a job which paid him $8,000 a month. He was told his case did not qualify for emergency assistance and was advised to call friends or family members who could either wire him money for a bus ticket or come and pick him up.

A deputy encountered a 17-year-old male individual walking home after midnight on Highway 227. The teenager was only 100 feet from his home when the deputy stopped him. The deputy spoke with the teenager’s mother who confirmed his story.

A caller reported seeing a deer caught in a fence. The conservation officer was notified but was out of the area so a deputy went to the scene, pried the fence wire apart and released the deer. The animal had some cuts but did not appear to have any broken bones. The deer walked a short distance away and then laid down to rest. A couple stopped to offer assistance and supplied a tool which was used to try and pry strands of wire off the deer’s leg.

A Tri-County ambulance crew reported seeing a car go into the ditch on Highway 71. The driver was a young woman who was on her way home to Clarissa after work. Her father informed the investigating officer the damage to the vehicle had been caused earlier by a collision with a deer.

A woman told police a woman she had an Order for Protection (OFP) against was just across the street from her residence being loaded into an ambulance. The complainant thought having the woman so close by was a violation of the OFP.

A man left the Holiday station in Wadena after complaining about his ex-girlfriend. The caller alleged the man was swearing and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend. The man said he was going to walk Staples. A description of the man was given to the police.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.