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Living history - Sept. 14 edition

20 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 11, 1997 Pioneer Journal

• Freak accidents: liquor and 'a big mess'

People were asking Ray Hoffman if he planned on opening a drive-through section in the liquor store after 70 bottles of liquor were the victims of a strange vehicle accident.

The Wadena Municipal Liquor Store manager said he envisioned exactly what happened when he heard a huge boom about 4 p.m. on Aug. 29. The sound of breaking glass and the smell of "blended" liquors followed immediately. Seventy bottles flew off shelves on the east wall when a pickup truck rammed into the exterior brick wall.

According to Wadena Police Chief Lane Waldahl, Douglas Jenson of Staples was heading south on First Street Northeast when he discovered he didn't have brakes as he approached Highway 10. He didn't want to hit the state trooper at the stop sign so he took a hard right into the parking lot. The sidewalk wasn't enough to stop the '76 Dodge pickup. It jumped the cement and hit the brick wall about half an inch off its foundation.

Hoffman reported to city council members Tuesday night that he was going to have a contractor look at the building to determine the extent of the damage. Jenson will likely be cited for no insurance and will have to pay restitution, Waldahl said.

• Canine nabs fleeing juvenile

Hubbard County Sheriff's Department's newest addition, Cruz the German Shepherd, made short work of apprehending three Ponsford juveniles who allegedly stole a car in Park Rapids on Aug. 26. The juveniles took officers on a pursuit through the city and then on a high speed chase into Becker County. After failing to stop for sirens and red lights, the car was driven into a ditch. The juveniles jumped from the car and headed into the woods. When Cruz and trainer Tim Archambault arrived on the scene, Cruz's barking was immediately met with a call from a perimeter official who said one of the juveniles had come out of the woods, wanting to give himself up. A second juvenile, alarmed by the barking, also left the woods moments later. After an interrogation, officers learned a third suspect was still in the woods. Cruz was told to track and find the bad guy, and then lead officers about two blocks where they found him lying on his stomach. All three juveniles were taken into custody and charges for felony auto theft are pending.

50 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 16, 1967 Pioneer Journal

• Two beef animals shot north of Bluffton Sept. 4

Two beef animals were shot in Blowers Township north of Bluffton Sept. 4, the Sheriff's Office reported today. About 40 lbs. Of meat were taken from the Herefords which weighed from 700 to 800 lbs.

George Kaufman, who owned the animals, said his cattle got out of the pasture and were in a hay field west of his farm. When he rounded them up, one of the cows kept wanting to go back and he followed her to a spot where there was blood.

Later, a carcass was found in a roadside ditch 5.5 miles northwest of Kaufman's farm. Meat had been cut off the two rear flanks.

Another larger hereford was found shot. The animal had fallen in a hole and was left there.

75 years ago

Excerpts from the Sept. 17, 1942 Pioneer Journal

• Nation's war effort must get nation's junk

With an estimated 83 percent of the nation's scrap junk on farms, newspapers and citizens will cooperate in getting it to smelters and into the battle for freedom. In Wadena County, a WPA rural salvage collection project will go into action this week, according to district directors, who visited Wadena last week to complete arrangements with R.R. Ryti, chairman of the county salvage committee.

F.N. Garr, who was in charge of public works projects in Wadena County for several years, will direct the county project and men on the waiting list will be used to drive the trucks and assist in the pickup.

W.R. Koester, Duluth WPA office,said the plan is to completely comb the rural districts of the county, using U.S. Army trucks furnished by the government. He said weighing will be done at each farm and the owner will be given a certified receipt for his salvage and later will receive a check directly from the U.S. Treasury Department. Six dollars a ton will be paid for all kinds of scrap iron, not separated and one-half cents per pound of rubber.

It is planned to make a house to house canvas both in the rural and urban communities and citizens are urged to immediately collect and pile their junk so as to have it ready when the trucks come to collect it. It is planned to make Wadena and Sebeka collection centers where local junk dealers may bid on the quantity of junk and handle its shipment to manufacturing plants.

Steel processing requires 50 percent scrap and without this scrap,complete revision of the smelting process would be required which would take much longer to get steel into the hands of the manufacturers and thereby delay war productions.

Wadena County is the second in the state to start this kind of collection project and those charged with the responsibility are optimistic towards its success and the cooperation of all the citizens. Similar work has already begun in itasca County. It is expected that Minnesota will yield 280,000 tons of junk.