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Police Scanner - April 13 edition

March 30

• The Wadena Sheriff's office received a complaint of someone cutting trees on their property without permission. The complainant was told the Wadena County Highway Department was clearing the right-of-way.

March 31

• A dispute over the ownership of a car was ruled a civil matter. A previous owner of the car saw the vehicle as a gas station and produced proof of ownership but it was not accepted. It was determined the vehicle had changed hands three times.

• A disagreement between a man and his significant other led to his leaving their apartment so she could remain. However, the woman went into an apartment in a different building. The man attempted to make contact with her but without success. He locked his apartment and walked away, refusing a ride.

• A female suspect attempting to park her vehicle on Bryant Avenue ran onto the curb, then parked her vehicle with one tire still on the curb. An officer checked the suspect and smelled alcohol. She was transported to jail where she was read the Implied Consent Advisory. The police released her after she was sober.

• An officer was called by a person who had locked their keys inside their vehicle. Before the officer arrived, a dog inside the vehicle unlocked it.

• A police officer checked on a man attempting to sell his fifth wheel camper on the Polman Transfer lot in Wadena.

April 1

• A deputy caught up with a suspect who admitted to dumping bags of garbage at the Stocking Lake Public Access near Menahga. A citation was issued.

• Suspicious objects were located inside two fort-type structures in the woods near Sunnybrook Park.

April 2

• A swan was reported to be standing in the middle of County Road 23 forcing traffic to swerve around it.

• Police were alerted that a male was sitting in the Wadena cemetery near the Veteran's Wall. He told an officer he was "writing a paper."

April 4

• A Staples resident reported giving an unknown male a ride to a Super America gas station in Staples. A deputy searched the area for an abandoned vehicle but could not find one. The Staples Police Department checked the Super America station for the man but he was gone.

• Property was reported missing from a church.

• A fire was reported at County Road 23 and Sixth Street. A deputy checked and found six adults on the scene with water cans.

April 5

• A caller asked to speak with a deputy regarding a message requesting money. The caller suspected blackmail.

• Two insurance salespeople, a large, white female and a short, dark-haired male, tried to sell cancer insurance to a Wadena resident. They were "kicked" out of the house and left in a white van.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.