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Police Scanner - March 16 Edition

March 2

• A deputy stopped a vehicle in Wadena to conduct a welfare check of the driver who had made suicidal comments. The driver said he was fine and gave the deputy an account of some personal issues.

• A female took a vehicle for a test drive and returned it to the sales lot smashed up. Photos were taken.

March 3

• A caller requested to speak with an officer about property being stored in her garage which the owners had not retrieved.

• A complainant alleged his ex-boss swerved at him while passing another vehicle, hit the shoulder of the road and then make a rude gesture toward him.

March 4

• Police dealt with a man walking along Highway 10 near Westside Sports. The man told an officer he was heading to his brother's place in North Dakota. He was offered a bus ticket to Fargo but declined the offer.

March 5

• An argument on Cedar Drive NE in Wadena alerted an officer to ongoing tension between neighbors. All parties were advised to return to their trailers.

• A complainant on Cedar Drive NE reported music being played so loud it shook her trailer. An officer responded and found three people consuming alcohol. The officer talked with two of the three people and advised them about being cited or warned.

March 6

• School crossing guards alerted a complainant about a silver truck driven by a male. The license plate number was observed and a police officer spoke with the driver. He told the officer the crossing guards did not have their flags out until he went through the intersection. He was advised of the need to stop at the crosswalk if it appeared the crossing guards were going to come out.

• The police were called after a fight between two sixth-graders was observed on a school security camera. The matter was handled by the school but an officer assisted in removing one of the students from a classroom and later talked to him in the school office.

• A caller reported an injured wolf in a ditch along Highway 71. A search for the animal was unsuccessful.

• Deputies carried out a search after dark for a male who walked away from the Bell Hill Recovery Center. Other Bell Hill residents reported he was picked up by someone in a black Silverado.

March 7

• The police assisted the WDC middle/high school principal in identifying a vehicle that was written upon with window paint. The school elected to handle the incident internally.

• A caller reported an elderly male exited a duplex on 10th Avenue NW and asked him to call him a ride. The caller requested police carry out a welfare check. Another officer called Friendly Rider to give the man a ride to Walmart.

• A Verndale homeowner in Texas asked the Wadena County Sheriff's office to check his property after receiving a call that two vehicles were parked in his yard.

• Responding to a report a dairy cow was on Highway 71, a deputy searched from County 13 to Wadena without spotting an animal.

March 8

• A complainant told police she suspected someone has been siphoning gasoline out of vehicles in a parking lot on Second Street NW. One of the vehicle owners told police he would be putting a camera out to help him identify anyone stealing gas from his vehicle.

The reports were derived from Wadena Police Department Incident Reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Office call logs.