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Police Scanner - Aug. 14 edition

July 30

• A Wadena business place requested an officer speak with a man with multi-colored hair. The man acted strangely and appeared to be afraid of something. They were informed the man was harmless and was not acting out of character.

• A complainant alleged a mother made threats to kill a teenage child.

July 31

• A woman reported the theft of a large amount of new underwear from her apartment. She told police she had last seen them six months earlier.

Aug. 1

• A harassment complaint was made by a man who alleged his neighbors were trying to tell him what he can and cannot do about trapping. The man wanted to be left alone. He was advised to apply for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) or speak to a conservation officer about the trapping laws.

• A woman received a call on her cell phone that went to voicemail. The call came from a girl who was screaming for help and crying. The woman saved the message but did not recognize the number and was unsure where or who the caller was.

• A man who alleged he was attacked by a neighbor's dog while on a four-wheeler asked about his rights. He said he thought he would be missing a leg if he had been on foot. A deputy spoke with a female minor who said she was the dog's owner. The officer left a card for the girl's mother with a warning to keep the dog in the yard.

• A caller told police he thought someone was using his name but would not tell the police his name because he did not want to get himself into anymore trouble.

Aug. 2

• A man sitting on a deck at a residence along U.S. Highway 71 reported he could hear a fair amount of yelling and swearing followed by a few gunshots.

• A patrolman reported someone had tied a dog to a fence at the Humane Society. Paperwork for the dog was filled out.

Aug. 3

• A deputy was warned that a car was driving down County Road 23 at a high rate of speed. The deputy encountered the car a half-mile north of Verndale and clocked it at 102 miles per hour. The woman driving the car told the officer she was in a hurry to get home. She was told she would need a better excuse. A passenger in the car said they only had enough gas to go 10 miles and that was the reason for the speeding. They were told that driving fast burns up more gas than driving slow.

• A caller asked to speak with an officer regarding a person who was harassing an employee because of a disagreement over an item purchased at Dairy Queen.

Aug. 4

• Police and ambulance personnel assisted when a fire destroyed a lawnmower and injured the owner at a rural residence.

• A resident of Humphrey Manor reported someone was sleeping on the ground between the east and west wings of the building. A purple blanket was found. Extra patrols were requested.

• A woman alleged a male was calling her place of work and asking for her after she had left for home. She said she did not know who it was or why they were calling. She wanted the suspicious phone call on record.

Aug. 6

• A speeding citation was issued to a driver who was on his way to WeFest in Detroit Lakes. The driver also admitted to having alcohol in the vehicle for friends. A large amount of alcohol was confiscated.

• A citation for speeding was issued to a driver who was on his phone and said he was "used to freeway driving." The driver was in a hurry to leave but the officer explained the citation before releasing him.

• A Wadena resident who said his neighbor was running a pressure washer in her garage each day from 1-4 p.m. The man said he and his wife took a break from work at that time and suspected she was running the washer to spite them. The man was told the woman was not breaking a noise ordinance.

• A Burlington Northern Santa Fe engineer reported a group of children were playing around the tracks in Wadena and one of them climbed onto a slow-moving train.

Aug. 7

• A caller reported finding an abandoned car lodged in some trees in a ditch beside a gravel road. A deputy investigated and evidence indicated the vehicle skidded out of control on the gravel.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.