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Police Scanner - Aug. 7 edition

July 24

• A Wadena County resident asked police to check his property at 1 a.m. because he alleged some kids were trying to tip "that thing" near his garage and tampering with a car rack in his yard. A check of the property failed to locate any intruders.

July 25

• A Wadena County deputy assisted two males whom he found sitting on the shoulder of road on County 26. They told the deputy they had two flat tires and were walking to Wadena to retrieve another vehicle. The deputy gave one of them a ride to the vehicle and left him with a bottle of water.

• A Wadena city patrolman warned 15 drivers that there is no cushion above the posted speed limit over a 14 ½ hour period.

• A complainant told police his van had been vandalized by someone who put glue over his door handle and on the driver's side door. The patrolman who investigated talked with the owner of the store the complainant patronized. She said that for the past week she has noticed scratches on her vehicle along with a cracked tail light.

• The presence of a camper in the backyard of Wadena residence prompted a request by a person to check a city ordinance. The landlord was contacted and he said he would have the tenants move the camper.

• A Wadena resident asked to speak with a policeman after a woman stopped at his residence and asked questions about his neighbors.

• A caller told law enforcement a man and woman with two small children have been staying at his place every night. He said they are usually in the vicinity of his pole barn.

July 26

• A man reported he believed he heard some girls screaming. Deputies assisted Wadena police officers with minors at a residence.

• A complainant alleged his country residence was burglarized. He said the porch door and the door leading into the house had been kicked in. He did not know if anything was missing but believed the forced entry had taken place the previous evening or in the early morning hours. A deputy met with the complainant later and was told nothing was missing as far as he could tell.

• A man alleged there were vehicles trespassing on property belonging to his mother. He also said there was some shooting going on and vehicles were tearing up and down the road near her home. A deputy patrolled the area but was unable to locate any vehicles or shooting.

• A loud noise complaint was made in the city of Verndale where people were camping and running generators. The noise was causing dogs to bark.

• A stray dog took refuge in a culvert when a patrolman arrived at a Wadena address to remove the animal. The dog was a mixed breed with a brown/yellow collar. It appeared to be nursing puppies.

• A boy scout was unintentionally left behind at the Holiday Station in Wadena. The bus he was a passenger in pulled around the corner and stopped at the McDonald's restaurant. The scout did not hear instructions from his scoutmaster.

• A patrolman investigated when he spotted a car parked in a no parking area next to the Wadena City Hall. The two occupants of the vehicle provided the patrolman with identification and driving licenses. A check of their licenses showed one was suspended and the other was revoked. During the check the patrolman observed a black male next to a tree in front of Humphrey Manor. The patrolman asked his partner to identify the man. He turned out to be a man who is subject to random drug testing. He was escorted to the law enforcement center for a test.

July 27

• A complainant told police he believed someone was on his property moving his hay rack around. He suspected the man was moving his stuff just to annoy him.

• A caller requested assistance in removing an out-of-control female from her residence. Wadena County deputies and Wadena policemen responded to the call and took the combative female to jail.

July 28

• Law enforcement was informed that someone was shooting a rifle at a wildlife management area near Kitten Creek. She also said she heard all-terrain vehicles out in a swampy area. The complainant showed a deputy three .22 caliber rifle casings which she had found.

July 29

• A man who flagged down a police officer behind Pizza Ranch at 4:23 a.m. The man identified himself as being with "All Surface Pressure Washing." He had a contract with Pizza Ranch. They had propped a door open but it shut on them and they were locked out. Dispatch contacted a keyholder who sent someone to help them gain entry.

• A welfare check was requested for an employee who had not arrived for her night shift. Police contacted the employee who said her alarm clock had failed to go off.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.