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Police Scanner - July 31 edition

July 16

• A Wadena County man reported the theft of $6,000 worth of property from his rural residence.

July 17

• A woman reported her mother sent her a text message that said "help, please call a sheriff." The woman was advised to report domestic abuse between her parents and given a card for a shelter.

July 18

• An ambulance run was required after a man complained of shortness of breath, back spasms and the inability to move after falling 10 feet from a pivot.

• A caller asked to speak with a deputy after her mother sent a text saying her father was very upset and had poured gasoline on the furniture. He had also taken a gun outside and his wife thought he might use it to shoot up the tires on a vehicle. When a deputy called her back, the father was outside mowing.

• A trespassing complaint was made by a man who said he and his wife had been threatened and harassed by a neighbor. The wife was accused of shooting chickens in the neighbor's barn. The neighbor allegedly threatened to "slit the throat of whoever did it." The couple planned to file for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

July 19

• A driver received a warning citation for a missing headlight. The driver said he had recently hit a turkey.

• A caller who lived on a dead end road said people were constantly driving down and turning around in her driveway. A deputy spoke with the caller who said she believed the people were checking to see if anyone was home at her residence. She added that she has had items missing from her garage in the past. She was advised to begin documenting when the vehicles showed up and to apply for an HRO.

• A man asked police for assistance in removing a kitten from his daughter's apartment.

July 20

• A domestic argument between a man and his girlfriend resulted in things being thrown across the Jefferson Mall parking lot in Wadena. When an officer arrived the man was on the line with 911. The man and woman were separated. The officer learned the fight started when the woman wanted to talk about their relationship and the man did not.

• A woman called police at 3 a.m. and told them she believed there was a big animal, like a dinosaur, laying outside her bedroom window. An officer walked around the house and did not see anything.

• A verbal domestic was reported on Highway 10 near the Paulson Agency. An officer investigated and was told no argument had taken place. They told the officer they were looking for lug nuts which had fallen off their van.

July 21

• A Wadena resident was referred to the local police when he asked for permission to shoot a fox running in his neighborhood. He was advised it was unlawful to discharge a firearm in the city limits.

July 22

• An anonymous caller reported three horses at a rural Wadena County residence had no grass or shelter. A deputy checked with the owner of the horses and found they had had 100 gallons of water and plenty of grass. He said he was planning the erect a shelter for them in September.

July 23

• Afraid that someone was trying to gain entrance to her home during the night, a woman pressed her "help" button and a police officer responded. The woman said she had heard someone by her front patio door. The dew on the grass was not disturbed but the woman was advised to call if she needed further assistance.

• A complainant alleged a man attempt to sell him meth at an apartment building in Wadena.

• The mother of some children was told to get her children out of her vehicle because it was summer. The children were estimated to be 1-2 years old. The children were in car seats and the back windows of the vehicle were cracked open. The mother thanked the complainant and told her she would take care of them.

• A theft complaint was made by a man who alleged someone entered his apartment and stole five pounds of hamburger and a package of bratwurst. He was advised to change his locks.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.