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Police Scanner - July 24 edition

July 11

• A complainant told police someone had been ringing her doorbell for two hours off and on. She asked them to check the neighborhood and around her home.

July 12

• A caller informed police he wanted the theft of one hamburger off his grill to be on file.

• A deputy observed two men yelling and swinging at each other in Menahga. One of the men was detained as he tried to walk away from the officer and was later arrested for disorderly conduct.

• A man asked to speak with a police officer about a feral cat. He was advised the city does not regulate cats.

• A caller reported seeing a person wearing an orange prison outfit leaving the Walmart parking lot in a gray or tan mini-van.

• Police received a report of kids dropping something from a window at a Wadena residence. Two young females were spotted by an officer hanging their heads out of a second story window. The officer spoke with the parent of the two females and told them she needed to get her children to stop. The parent was also informed the information would be sent to social services.

July 13

• A complainant was allegedly punched in the face by a black male. The assailant was described as a tall, stocky man who left in the company of two other people.

• A man asked to speak with an officer alleging that someone was stalking him.

• An Aldrich man was arrested for domestic assault after he came home intoxicated, threw stuff around and locked his wife and their boys inside their residence. His wife escaped and called the police from a neighbor's residence. She alleged her husband threatened to harm her.

July 14

• A man was arrested for kicking in the door of a woman's apartment.

• A caller reported a man was at her residence trying to get work equipment. She said the man had been evading deputies because they were trying to serve him with a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO). The man also called to ask for a deputy because he wanted his equipment. The HRO paper was served. The woman said she did not want the man on her property. The man was advised to contact his lawyer in order to retrieve his property.

• A rural Wadena County resident told police her husband was threatening to burn the house down and shoot everyone.

July 15

• A Wadena resident reported he was receiving calls from someone who insisted he owed them money. The resident suspected it was a scam because an online check showed it was a fake debt collector. He was advised to have the phone company block the number.

• A complainant alleged a man and woman drove onto her property in a white van without windows and asked if she had car batteries and radiators for sale. When she told him she did not, the man asked her if she knew what he was talking about. He then asked her if she was alone. The complainant told the police the pair left in the direction of Sebeka.

• A child was bitten by a neighbor's dog. The dog's owner said the dog is very protective of his children and may have thought the children were fighting. He said the dog was up to date on his shots and was asked for the paperwork to prove it.

July 16

• A man reported a burglary at a rural Wadena residence. A deputy spoke with the complainant who said entry to the house was gained through a garage service door. One firearm was missing. The complainant told the deputy a red four-door car with a cracked spider and a heavy coating of rust was seen leaving the driveway prior to his return.

July 17

• A man informed police that he suspected someone had tampered with his vehicle. The man told police he was on sick leave and a co-worker was causing problems for him and his adult family.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.