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Police Scanner - July 17 edition

July 4

• A complainant reported he had removed two unruly men from the Whiskey Creek Saloon in Wadena. The men allegedly returned and threatened the owner by saying they were going to shoot the place up. The owner alleged the two men had been smoking marijuana on the patio. They left in a red Ford Mustang. The license plate number of the vehicle could not be supplied.

• A female passenger was reported for allegedly throwing a white, rocky substance from inside a four-door passenger car traveling on Northeast Elm in Wadena. The complainant turned over a small bottle with a clear, crystal substance. The police planned to have the substance tested.

• Police were notified after a rural couple located a man near a pole shed on their property. The man said he was waiting for someone else. The man was taken into custody by a Hubbard County deputy.

• Law enforcement help with a property watch was requested by a man whose father had recently died.

July 5

• A caller alleged she was being followed by a man who was not wearing a shirt and asked for help from the police.

• A local hunt was organized for two juvenile males who were runaways from a group home in Onamia. Attempts to locate the pair in Wadena were unsuccessful.

• A grandmother reported her two-year-old granddaughter was taken away in a red Chevy pickup. The grandmother suspected the driver was heading for Perham and did not have a license to drive.

• A Honda ATV was reportedly stolen from outside a bar and grill. The ATV was believed to have been taken sometime after 2:30 a.m. The keys were not in the vehicle. The caller gave the police the nickname of the person he suspected of taking the ATV.

• A committed male was reported missing from a residence. The man told police he liked making the staff believe he did not care if he went to jail. He was told that if he walked away from the residence again he would be going to jail.

• Some intoxicated floaters reportedly tossed their beer cans and jelly shot containers into the Crow Wing River. When they were asked to pick them up they yelled profanities. An officer spoke with the floaters who said the cooler tipped over and they tried to pick up as much of the garbage as they could. They were sent down the river to pick up any other garbage that floated past on the river.

July 6

• A woman was bitten by a dog. A deputy called a vet who confirmed the dog's rabies vaccination had expired on July 2. The owner and the victim was advised of this information. The owner was advised to continue monitoring the dog for 10 days and notified law enforcement of any behavioral changes. The victim was advised to speak with her physician regarding her options.

• The girlfriend of a wanted man told police she would bring him back to Wadena to take care of a warrant on July 7.

• A caller who reported a dog in a vehicle refused to give his information to police. The police found two dogs inside the vehicle, the windows rolled down and parked in the shade.

July 7

• A caller alleged two males who appeared to be teenagers were out past curfew and suspected they were "up to no good." The caller provided a description. The police were unable to locate the pair.

• An officer was requested to assist in dealing with a man and woman who were reportedly asleep in a red Dodge Avenger on Southeast Bryant.

July 8

• A complaint was made regarding kids and dogs in the hallway of an apartment complex on Second Street Northwest in Wadena. The children were thought to be unsupervised but this did not prove to be the case. Two adults were watching them. The complainant told police to issyue a citation for unsupervised children along with a citation for dogs urinating in the hallway. The officer who responded refused to issue a citation but told the complainant a report would be forwarded to Human Services.

July 9

• Three small children were reported to be fighting in the traffic lane on Highway 10 near Wadena Hide and Fur.

• A caller reported two men ran to her door yelling for her to call the police. The two men had been in an argument because one of them was withdrawing from a two-week meth binge. After breaking some objects a pan of cool cooking oil was thrown on one of the men. The men admitted to the fight and they arranged for separate quarters for the rest of the evening.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.