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Police Scanner - July 10 edition

June 27

• A caller told law enforcement his wife accidently threw his gun permit away and he requested a replacement.

• An intoxicated female took some pills. She was examined by an ambulance team but refused treatment. Friends informed law enforcement they would stay with the woman and her children.

• A bear reportedly made a visit to 116 Elm Avenue Northeast in Wadena. The bear was gone by the time police arrived but was then spotted near the license bureau on North Jefferson. The bear disappeared again and was presumed to be back in the woods.

• A male was reported for suspicious activity when he was observed to be hiding and watching two young girls at the Wadena Skate Park. Police questioned him and he said the girls were his sisters. The girls confirmed what the boy said and told the police they were playing a game of "hide and seek."

• A caller reported an adult female in the vicinity of the Wadena water tower was taking pictures and video of passing motorists and yelling. An officer determined the woman, who was dressed in a yellow top and black pants, was not a road hazard.

• Police responded to a comment on the phone by a woman who said she would be found dead. The woman was upset because she was not given a gas voucher. She denied wanting to hurt herself. As the officers left the residence she cursed at one of them and ran back to her apartment which she then locked. She was mailed a citation for disorderly conduct.

• Three barking dogs drew the attention of the police to a trailer on South Jefferson. The owner of one of the dogs was identified by people on the scene. While the officer was on the scene, the dog ran into another person's trailer and was thrown out by an occupant. The officer took the dog to the Humane Society. The owner was mailed a citation for having a dog at large and exceeding the allowed number of dogs a Wadena resident can own.

June 28

• A dresser fell off a trailer being pulled down Highway 10 and was struck by a westbound vehicle.

• A man allegedly threatened to burn a house down with his mother inside of it.

June 29

• The welfare of a child was questioned when a man took a little girl out of Los Jalapenos and strapped her inside a car. The man then returned to the restaurant to finish his dinner. A police officer spoke with the mother of the child. She argued the child was not unattended. The father of the girl told the officer he had brought the girl out to the car because of her behavior in the restaurant. He said she was only outside for a short time.

• A woman reported receiving threatening text messages from an unknown person. She supplied police with the phone number and said the threats are in relation to a theft she reported.

June 30

• A stray dog reportedly came out on East Wood Drive and bit an 11-year-old boy. The boy's brother said he did not know the specific breed of the dog. The boy's mother was not present at the time of the incident but said it was a medium-sized dog with short, brown fur.

• A caller reported a person standing on a chair with a rope around their neck. The line went dead as the dispatcher was asking for the location. The dispatcher was unable to get an answer when they called the number. Verizon Wireless was contacted and gave police the location of the call.

• A group of kids allegedly threw a beer bottle at job trailer owned by the complainant.

July 1

• A man walking around the lawn and garden department at Walmart in Wadena with his shirt off was issued a e-citation and left in the hands of his supervisor.

• A suspicious person was reported walking north on Highway 71. The person was having some difficulty walking and appeared either intoxicated or handicapped.

July 2

• A vulnerable adult male was believed to be enroute for Arizona with an unknown female. His daughter wanted to know her options in arranging his return to the Lakewood Care Center. The daughter said she had been in phone contact with her father but he refused to tell her his location.

• Two children were reported to be begging for money in front of Lyle's Shoe Store in downtown Wadena.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.