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Police Scanner - June 12 edition

May 29

• A caller reported having trouble with a neighbor who said one of the caller's relatives tried to run him off the road. A deputy spoke with the complainant who said the man confronted her daughter on the road and accused her of trying to get him into trouble. The complainant wanted the incident documented in case the situation changed and they needed grounds for filing for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

• An assault was reported after a woman's ex-husband allegedly dragged their daughter down the driveway by the arm. The daughter later complained her wrist hurt.

• A man asked for assistance in retrieving his cell phone from people who found it in a ditch. The complainant was advised to suspend his service because they people who found his phone were sending texts from it. The complainant said the people who found his phone were unwilling to return it. He was advised to file an insurance claim to cover the loss.

May 30

• Burlington Northern asked law enforcement for assistance in locating a red Ford F-150 which drove in front of the train despite the arms and lights of the crossing. The train crew agreed to file a statement.

• A man reported having trouble with his neighbor's guinea hens. The man was given his options and told a civil action may be required.

• A complainant reported the theft of a tank full of gas from his motorhome sometime in the previous two weeks.

• A caller reported a small field disk that he pulls behind a four-wheeler had been stolen. The caller did not have any suspects and wondered if someone had borrowed the disk without his knowledge.

• A woman reported her landlord kicked in her door and entered the residence without knocking.

• A man driving a red car was reported to be sitting in the vehicle near Snap Fitness. The caller said the vehicle had been parking in front of the business for about a month. A patrolman checked and found he was a member of Snap Fitness. He was sitting in his car because he was on a wireless internet device.

May 31

• An old field disk was located by a deputy in a ditch on Huntersville Forest Road and spoke with state forestry about it. They said if the disk was still there the following day it would be removed.

• A red Chevy pickup with a boat was reported to be parked in a man's yard. He was not sure who the vehicle belonged to or if they were snooping around his property. It was later learned the pickup and boat were purchased an auction. The man felt a friend may have dropped them off while he was asleep and planned to check with him.

• A Wadena patrolman assisted the Minnesota State Highway Patrol with handling a driver who was driving in the mid-30s despite the posted speed limit of 65. The patrolman felt the driver was impaired and activated his siren and lights. The driver finally pulled over.

June 1

• A man reported a woman was causing a disturbance and wanted her removed from a county residence. The man was arrested on a second degree assault charge. He was uncooperative at the scene and on the way to jail. He was placed in a restraint chair due to his behavior at the jail.

June 2

• A man who said his children were beating each other up at his ex-wife's home, accused law enforcement of do nothing to rectify the situation. The man told a deputy he was served an Order for Protection (OFP) the previous Saturday. The man said his 16-year-old daughter was watching the younger three kids at the home but was being mean to them. He was informed it was a civil matter and should be taken up in civil court.

• A caller requested to speak with someone regarding a noise ordinance after tenants kept him awake all night doing laundry.

• A police officer saw a black male throw what appeared to be a bag into a vehicle near a Wadena business place and then leave.

June 3

• Public assistance was rendered to a family at the Walmart entrance holding a sign that asked for money to get to California.

• A caller reported someone had vandalized the Bluegrass cemetery. He said he saw some boys near the cemetery on the previous Saturday but did not recognize them. Some flowers were tossed around and a small statue was chipped.

June 4

• A man reported two people were at his country residence while his children were at home alone. They identified themselves as being from the University of Minnesota and needed to check a well. A deputy attempted to make contact with the complainant several times. The deputy had run into people from the U. of M. who are doing excavation work at Old Wadena.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.