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Police Scanner - May 29 edition

May 16

• A complainant reported someone drove past her country residence and shot her yellow labrador retriever in the rear hind leg. She described the shooter’s vehicle as being a small, black pickup. Despite the wound, the dog appeared to be fine. Law enforcement patrolled the area but did not locate any suspects.

• A complainant said he stayed two nights at a Wadena motel and paid cash but was not given a receipt. He alleged the motel owner was stopping at his house to get payment and implied something would happen to him if he was not paid. An officer spoke with the complainant and advised him to file for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

May 17

• A complainant alleged the manager of a Wadena motel was behind the theft of his vehicle by his girlfriend.

• Assistance was rendered to a man who was working on top of his camper when the wind blew his ladder down.  

• A mother reported a neighbor would not quit harassing her kids and calling them names.

• A caller reported a man threatened to harm his kids. She was asked for his phone number but could not provide it.

• A Wadena County resident reported a 12-year-old autistic male ran away while she was asleep. The juvenile was located by the state patrol on State Highway 64 in Cass County.

May 18

• A rural resident heard a gunshot in the direction of a wildlife management area. A deputy patrolled the area but did not locate anyone. The report was turned over to the K9 unit.

May 19

• A woman asked to speak with someone about her son. The boy was not listening or following the rules. She said her son was driving around without insurance and refused to get any insurance. She was advised to take the battery out of his car. She said she would when he returned home from work.

• A caller reported a female was walking around a Wadena trailer court asking for drugs. An officer spoke with the female who admitted to entering a trailer but not before knocking. The female did ask for meth and marijuana but was not given any.

May 20

• A deputy received a call at home about a high rate of vehicle traffic at the Bullard Bluff Campground. The area was patrolled but no vehicles were observed in or around the campground.

• A caller alleged her mail is being held by another woman. The caller was told she should have filed a change of address card with the post office. The mail was supposedly some U.S. mail and some items she had purchased on eBay.

May 21

• A complainant reported a male driver, possibly on a cell phone while driving, nearly hit a kid in a crosswalk. The complainant was southbound on Jefferson and stopped as the child crossed. The suspect’s vehicle drove around her car and missed hitting the child by less than five feet. An attempt to locate the vehicle was unsuccessful.

• A man wearing a tan hooded jacket was reported to be walking slowly around in a Wadena neighborhood. The caller thought it was suspicious. The police were unable to find anyone who matched the description.

• A man reported he believed his girlfriend had stole $200 from his wallet. The man said he did not know if he wanted to pursue criminal charges at the time because the female may pay him back.

May 22

• A rural man reported two individuals camping under his wood trailer. A deputy spoke with the complainant’s girlfriend on the phone. She said she had checked the area but did not see anyone beneath the trailer. She also informed the deputy the man had been taking his medications and his son had arrived and removed the firearms from his home.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.