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Police scanner - May 22 edition

May 9

• A woman asked for police for help in locating her brother, who had left Wadena for Oklahoma City, Okla. four days earlier. She said the 74-year-old man did not drink but does frequent casinos and had been lost in Kansas City during his trip up to Minnesota.

• A domestic altercation was reported by a woman who said another woman had called her and said she was being strangled by a man.

• A woman told law enforcement that a neighbor and his friends came onto her property and a rifle was displayed. A deputy talked with the woman who complained of having continuing issues with the neighbor who she had once had a restraining order against. The HRO had expired. The deputy talked with the neighbor and his friends who were “mudding” around on his property and the issue was resolved.

•An elderly male southbound on Highway 71 crossed the railroad tracks in the turning lane. A complainant told police where to find the man’s parked car. A police officer spoke with the man and his wife and informed them of his driving infraction. The wife said she had not wanted to nag at him until they were parked.

May 10

• A daughter trying to reach her mother on the phone told police she kept getting a busy signal. She asked the police to carry out a welfare check and described her mother’s vehicle. An officer spoke with the missing woman’s neighbors who said they had not seen her. They believed she could be with her boyfriend.

• An elderly man showed up at the Eastwood Inn looking for a place to stay and someone to wash his clothing. The caller said the individual seemed to be confused. The man’s driver’s license indicated he was from Sebeka. It was found the man had just been released from treatment.

• A man alleged his nephew had been threatening to kill family members and wanted to make sure he was stable. The nephew said he did not have any intention of harming anyone but had lost his temper because his uncle kept calling him. He was advised not to have contact with his uncle or make threats. The uncle was also informed of the conversation.

May 11

• A fire extinguisher was deployed by one client on another at Bell Hill in a physical altercation. The two had been separated but one was attempting to break a window and get into the room where the other was being sheltered.

• A patrolman stopped a driver for exceeding the speed limit on Highway 71 in an Avis rental vehicle. The driver presented the patrolman with an Irish driver’s license. The driver did not have the rental contact but the patrolman verified the unit was rented to him.

• A Wadena resident alleged someone had taken their dog out the back door of their residence. They found the door unlocked and not closed tight. There were no signs of forced entry. The dog is six years old and is trained as a rescue dog.

• A family dog came home with a gunshot wound and was taken to a vet in Staples. A deputy learned the complainant’s dogs had been chasing horses and the owner had shot at the dogs. The complainant was advised to keep dogs secure.

• A Wadena County resident told law enforcement he thought there was someone dressed in white laying in his yard. A deputy checked the area but found nothing. When he called the complainant the deputy was told the same individual had been in the grass the day before. Law enforcement has responded to similar calls several times and nothing has been found.

May 12

• A woman complained that a man would not stop knocking at her mother’s door. He wanted to discuss their relationship and she agreed to call him if he would leave. He was told not to show up at the residence again uninvited.

May 13

• A caller contacted police after receiving a threatening voicemail. The caller attempted to contact the number and so did a policeman who spoke with a juvenile. The officer met with the child and the mother and was told students used her phone during school hours and made calls. The caller was informed the call was a prank.

• A man told police he dropped a money bag in the Walmart parking lot and asked for police assistance in locating it. A Walmart employee located the bag and turned it over to management.

May 14

• A man reported a lot of yelling and door slamming at a neighboring rental unit where two men resided. An officer spoke with the men who said they were upset because a woman had taken money from them.

• A woman asked if she could have a neighbor charged for hitting her dog with a car and breaking the dog’s leg. She was told the driver had violated no law if the dog was on the roadway. She was also told she could be charged with public nuisance if the dog kept getting loose.

May 15

• The parents of a 17-year-old female were unable to locate her after she finished work in Wadena. The police located the vehicle traveling east on Highway 29 and advised the girl to go straight home. Her parents arrived at this time and the female was turned over to them.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.