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Police scanner - May 8 edition

April 25

• A caller reported a barking dog and no answer in his attempts to contact the owner. When a patrolman investigated he found a rabbit stuck in a fence. The dog quit barking after the rabbit was freed.

• A Wadena resident notified law enforcement that fraudulent activity involving their debit card had been discovered and reported to her. The complainant could not obtain information about where the products were going from a company representative. Law enforcement contacted the company and was given needed information.

April 26

• A complainant called 911 and reported a party with minors drinking on the property was in progress. The complainant also alleged there were people fighting but was uncooperative about giving more information. A deputy spoke with the homeowner who said the fight was a verbal altercation.

• A young child reported a man and a woman were fighting outside a residence in Otter Tail County residence. Local law enforcement assisted in resolving  the domestic situation.

• A caller reported an encounter with a man he suspected was intoxicated. The man ran into a building when the caller pulled into the parking lot. He was confronted by the caller inside the building and gave a bogus name before leaving. The police located the man on the back side of Greenwood Apartments. The man attempted to flee on foot but was stopped. The man refused to cooperate with a search and was taken into custody and transported to jail on charges of obstructing the legal process and disorderly conduct. He was found to be on Department of Corrections probation.

April 27

• A deputy located a tree blocking northbound traffic one mile south of Sebeka on Highway 71. The deputy removed the tree from the northbound lane with the help of a local resident.

• A caller reported driving past a Sebeka church and noticing a window was broken and a door was open. A deputy investigated and found no evidence on an actual break in. He suspected the wind possibly blew the door open. The door was shut and secure. There was no sign of a broken window.

• A sinkhole was reported at the junction of 191st Avenue and 280th Street in Wadena County.

• A man reported a vehicle had been following his vehicle at a close distance on Highway 10 for quite a distance. He asked for directions to the police station so he could shake the vehicle following him. He was advised to stop at the Holiday Station in Wadena and speak with officers there.

April 28

• A mother suspected her daughter had been molested while at her father’s residence. A deputy spoke with the woman and advised her that a report on the alleged incident had already been submitted and closed due to a doctor’s report. She was advised to call law enforcement or file for an Order for Protection (OFP) if her ex-husband continued to contact her.

• A Wadena-Deer Creek school official was advised by members of another school of thefts during an April 27 tournament at the school. The school official reviewed a film and told police he had some suspects.

• A green Ford Explorer was reported on the bike trail just north of Wadena traveling at a high rate of speed.

• A report of suspicious activity at a Wadena residence was reported. The caller said people had been coming and going from his neighbor’s at all hours of the day. He also made a report of a panel van that pulled into the neighbor’s garage. No one exited the van and the garage door was closed by the neighbor immediately. He asked that extra patrols be carried out by the police.

• The Wadena County Sheriff’s Department assisted another agency with an 18-year-old male who was determined to be a threat to himself and others. A plan was formulated to deal with the situation for the night.

• A male at Bell Hill was not cooperating with the staff. It was suspected that he had been drinking some substance. The man smelled heavily of hand sanitizer and admitted to drinking some. The man, who would not give staff a test and was not being given his meds, started complaining of shortness of breath while deputies were there and requested an ambulance. He was transported to Tri-County Health Care.

April 29

• A complainant alleged his wife jumped into his vehicle when he was attempting to leave and took his keys. He wanted his keys back so he could leave. He said there was a verbal argument over who was going to stay home with their children. The man and his wife, who are in the process of getting a divorce, were advised to work out the problem themselves.

• Super One Food advised police they had a shoplifter in custody. A patrolman identified the man as a resident of Wadena. The man said he had taken the grocery items because he was hungry. He was issued a citation and given a “no trespass” advisory form from the business.

• A caller reported seeing sparks coming off black box on a power pole in Wadena. A policeman investigated but did not see sparks.

April 30

• The Wadena County K9 unit assisted in an armed robbery investigation in Perham. No tracks were located so the suspect’s direction of travel was unknown.

• A 17-year-old male was in the Perham emergency room after a fight in Wadena. He had been repeatedly hit in the head but admitted he had initiated the fight.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.