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Police Scanner - May 1 edition

April 17

• A utility pole was reported to be laying on the roadway on 280th Street in Wadena County. A deputy stayed on the scene until Minnesota Power personnel arrived and removed the wire from the road.

April 18

• A complainant reported his father received a call accusing the complainant of stealing beaver traps and a beaver. The caller hung up when he was asked for his name. The complainant was able to provide the police the caller’s phone number. The caller was contacted and advised to report the theft to law enforcement. No report was made.

• A complaint was made against a male riding a maroon-colored bicycle with a basket who allegedly went into a neighbor’s yard and stole some garden rocks. The owner of the residence is currently in Illinois.

April 19

• Suspicious activity was reported on Second Street Southwest in Wadena by a caller who observed a vehicle parked in front of her residence for lengthy periods of time on two consecutive days. The driver did not leave the vehicle.  

• A woman asked if an officer could let her into an apartment building where she said her keys were locked inside her apartment. The woman refused to give her number.

• A caller reported heavy smoke in the area. Law enforcement discovered a person burning hay left over from the winter.

April 20

• A driver traveling on Highway 10 reported erratic driving by another vehicle. The complainant alleged the driver of the other vehicle had been throwing garbage out of the car since Motley.

• An alley on Irving was reported as a hazard to traffic due to a large sink hole. The complainant said that many people had been stuck in the hole. A vehicle was being extradited from the hole when the police arrived. The police asked that a barricade be set up.

• A woman told police her dog, a gold-colored collie, which had been missing for 10 days, had been spotted at Casey’s in Wadena. The woman asked if the police could check the area around the business place on North Jefferson and attempt to locate the dog. An officer checked the area but did not locate the dog.

• A complainant suspected her ex-boyfriend was stalking her even though she could offer no proof. She was advised to seek an Order for Protection (OFP).

• A woman who needed assistance from the police in getting into her apartment one day earlier asked for the same help again. She was advised she needed to start carrying her key. She said she lost her key and would be getting a replacement key the next day.

April 21

• The theft of two irrigation tires off an irrigation system in a field was reported to the sheriff’s office. The complainant said the theft had occurred sometime during the previous two weeks.

• The theft of a Dodge Caravan, owned by the customer of a local auto repair business, was reported to law enforcement. It was believed the vehicle was taken sometime over the weekend when the complainant was absent.

April 22

• A paper service was made on a man who attempted to avoid the deputy by driving away. The deputy tossed the papers into the vehicle through the driver’s side window and informed him the papers were for him. The man replied “no thanks.”

• A Wadena County resident reported three high-powered rifle holes in his dumpster. The complainant suspected the shots came from his neighbor’s property. A deputy investigated and found three indentation marks in the dumpster. The complainant told the deputy he had been having problems with the neighbor and asked to have the incident documented.

• A visitor in the police station lobby made a request for emergency assistance at a motel room.

• A woman reported reported returning home to find her house unlocked. She told police she was sure she had locked the deadbolt before leaving.

• An officer admitted to stopping a driver by mistake. The driver had a green arrow at the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 71 but the officer was not able to see the arrow.

April 23

• A man reported a lot of traffic at his neighbor’s residence during the night. He said the house was vacant. The man also reported airplanes flying in and out of the property. The man said he had informed the landowners but they did not believe him. The man was advised to contact the sheriff’s office the next time he noticed suspicious activity.

• A caller made a request to speak with an officer about a possible suspect in the disappearance of five pairs of shoes.

April 24

• A Wadena resident asked police to investigate a garbage complaint on Northwest Elm. The officer who went to the address felt the garbage complaint needed attention. He found two vehicles in the driveway with expired registration along with a large amount of bicycles, lawnmowers and grills. No one answered the door of the residence.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.