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Police scanner - April 24 edition

April 10

• A female biking on Highway 71 was passed by a man who then turned around and started following her. She reported the man's license plate number.

• A complainant reported his girlfriend's brother, with a warrant out for his arrest, was at their residence. He would not give his address. He was advised to call again if he wanted a deputy to pick up the brother.

• A Wadena County resident alleged her soon to be ex-husband struck kids on their heads and other parts of the body. She added that he has also hit kids in the past. Information was gathered and sent to Human Services.

April 11

• A complainant reported someone trespassing on his property. He could see headlights but he could not identify the model of the vehicle. He also said he heard a few gunshots. He said he has seen deer in the same field. He was advised to call if the vehicle left. A deputy responded to the call but was unable to locate a vehicle.

• A caller said she encountered a man walking around her house. The man approached her and asked her a number of questions about her family, the police and her children. She provided police with the man's first name.

April 12

• An incident reported on Highway 71 near Sebeka involved a mother fighting with her 16-year-old son. The son jumped out of the car while it was moving. They did not want medical assistance and were unsure of their location.

• Super One Foods reported a possible shoplifter in the store. A police officer parked outside the store and observed a woman leave the store talking on a cellphone. The officer contacted the complainant who said the woman had been in the company of the suspect. The suspect was in the checkout line.

April 13

• An intoxicated female demonstrating argumentative behavior was removed from a house in Wadena and transported to a motel for the night.

• A caller alleged an intoxicated female was destroying his house and had left in a gray mini-van. A deputy stopped at the residence and spoke with the complainant who said he did not want to press charge for property damage. He added that the domestic was verbal fighting. Hubbard County was alerted.

• A cabin owner found evidence that a party had taken place on his property and he discovered the identity of one of the party guests. The owner wanted everyone at the party charged with trespassing until finding out his cousin's daughter hosted the party. He said if they agreed to pick up broken bottles and fix ruts in his yard he would be satisfied. The owner asked for extra patrols on the weekends.

• A burglary was reported by a woman who alleged her ex-boyfriend entered her apartment and removed items. The officer who investigated was told the ex-boyfriend had squirted paint around the apartment.

April 15

• A caller reported a man took money and property out of a woman's wallet. The woman said the man lent money to one of her friends and he wanted it back. She said he took the money he was owed from her wallet and left on foot after a verbal argument that involved some pushing.

April 17

• A garbage complaint was made after some dumping in McGivern Park in Sebeka. The Sebeka Police Department responded and found the dumping was done by some high school students who were making a film. The items were removed after the filming. The complainant said he would call if any further suspicious activity was observed.

• A complainant said his neighbor's guinea hens were coming onto his property and waking him up.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.