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Polce Scanner - March 20 edition

March 6

• Law enforcement officers were denied access to a Wadena residence where they were attempting to exercise a warrant on a female. They were told the female had left the residence a couple of hours earlier.

• A caller told police he had a confrontation with a man who was out on work release and claimed to be working for his business. The caller said the man was not employed by his business.

• A caller reported being threatened by another man in Sebeka and asked to speak with a deputy. The deputy interviewed the man and learned he was dancing with the wife of the man who threatened him. The threat allegedly involved beating the man up. The man asked the deputy to relay the news that he intended to avoid the woman in the future.

March 7

• A van went into the ditch along Highway 71 as deputies were attempting to pull another vehicle out of the ditch. The driver of the van admitted to not having a license and received a citation. The passenger of the van did not have a valid license either.

• A mother told police her 17-year-old son did not come home after work. He told her he had to work after school. She called his work place and was told he had not shown up for work. The juvenile returned home during the conversation between his mother and the police and complained of receiving a concussion at work. His mother was advised to take him to a doctor.

• A deputy issued a citation to a driver who was clocked at going 83 in a 55 mile per hour zone. The driver said he was not paying attention to his speed and told the deputy he thought a warning was all that was required.

March 8

• An ex-boyfriend showed up at a woman's residence uninvited and would not let the woman leave the bedroom. When she tried to leave he allegedly pulled her back into the room. The man had allegedly been drinking and the woman said she had taken a knife away from him when he arrived. The man was arrested for a probation violation and disorderly conduct.

• A man reported receiving threatening text messages from another man. A deputy spoke with the complainant and reviewed the messages but did not see any actual threats. The complainant was given options in handling the situation.

• An adult male with mental health issues was found sitting in the lobby at Humphrey Manor wearing only boxer shorts.

March 9

• A complainant told police her ex-husband had been harassing her for two days. She alleged he threatened to get drunk and come over to her residence.

• Itasca County asked the Wadena Police Department for help in locating a missing person. A check of the area with GPS failed to locate the missing person's phone. The Wadena police contacted a Wadena man who told them the woman was not at his residence and that an officer had previously checked with him.

• A Wadena man asked police to stop at his son's residence and ask him to call him because he had been out of contact for a week. The police did not find the son at his residence and informed the father.

March 10

• A Tri County Hospital nurse reported a dog bit a child at a daycare in Verndale. The child's mother did not want law enforcement to contact the daycare until she had a chance to talk with the provider. The mother later told police the child's injury was caused by a toy, not a dog, and no further action was taken.

• A deputy discovered a driver who was test driving a vehicle did not have proof of insurance and issued a citation. The driver argued that he did not need insurance since he had it on his other vehicles. He admitted to smoking marijuana two hours prior to driving. The driver performed a Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) and the deputy did not observe enough indicators to warrant a DWI arrest.

March 11

• A caller asked for a welfare check on a 40-year-old man who posted a note on Facebook about a final good night. The police found the man safe and unhurt. The police were told that his friends had taken his posting the wrong way. He was told not to post messages alarming messages again.

March 12

• A complainant told police she believed she was being followed. An older many with a big, gray beard asked her if she wanted a ride. After she told him no she did not see him again.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.