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Wadena County hires new Assistant County Attorney

Wadena commissioners learned at their March 11 board meeting that County Attorney Kyra Ladd had interviewed a suitable candidate for the vacant position of Assistant County Attorney.

Ladd told the board that she would like to hire Brice Norton, an attorney with seven years' experience as a clerk for the chief judge of the First Judicial District of Minnesota, chambered in Glencoe, in McLeod County. The First Judicial District includes seven counties, three of them in the metro area.

Norton was interviewed in early February and offered the position, which he accepted. He will be available to start work on March 31.

Norton graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College and Hamline University School of Law.

Ladd told the board that Norton brings important experience and knowledge to the County Attorney's Office. He has done a lot of writing and administrative work, and is a skilled researcher, Ladd said.

Norton will move his family here as soon as possible and is looking forward to his new position, she added.

The board approved the hiring and start date for Norton.

In addition to the hiring of Norton, the board learned of the resignation of a county employee and the need to hire a replacement.

Margie Wateland, public health nurse, will resign from her work as the jail's public health nurse on March 31. Wateland previously worked for the county and retired, then returned to work part-time as a jail nurse. The board accepted her resignation with regret.

The board then authorized Public Health Director Cindy Pederson to advertise for a replacement part-time jail nurse, and to contact Tri-County Health System to see whether that entity would be interested in providing nursing care to the county jail inmates.

The last topic taken up by the board on March 11 was the matter of a new name for the building known as the Wensman Building, owned by the county. Several names were suggested, including Wadena County Annex, Government Service Center, and Stearns Building (a humorous reference to Commissioner Bill Stearns' advocacy for the building). Commissioner Jim Hofer suggested that the naming be put off until the county has decided what the building will actually be used for.