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police scanner March 13

Feb. 27

• A caller contacted the sheriff's office and reported his niece was living in his trailer house but she was not paying her rent. He had received just $120 from her in six months. The caller wanted to remove his furniture and serve the occupants with a 30-day eviction notice. He was advised to contact the Menahga Police Department.

• A complainant reported hearing a neighbor yelling at someone to get out of her apartment. Deputies found no one at the apartment and advised the neighbor to keep her voice down.

Feb. 28

• Two sex crimes were reported within an hour of each other. The location of the first crime, sexual abuse, was unknown. The second crime was a sexual assault on Highway 71 in Sebeka.

• A postal manager informed police that a Wadena residence had two weeks of mail in the box and a dog barking inside the house.

• The driver of a red Mercury which had run up on the sidewalk was reported to be attempting to back up into traffic at Jefferson and Aldrich.

• A woman reported a man in a black ski mask and dark clothing was asking for someone named "Tony" at a Wadena apartment complex.

• A man informed police that according to his girlfriend, a man who had been released from jail was at his house with their daughter. The girlfriend had an Order for Protection (OFP) against the man.

• A committed individual from Residential Living Solutions walked away from a meeting. A description of the man was given and he was located walking along Highway 71. The man said he was upset he could not have any coffee at the meeting so he was walking to Snap Fitness. The man agreed to return to the RLS voluntarily.

March 1

• A deputy offered a citation to a driver for no proof of insurance. The driver said his ex-girlfriend's parents were supposed to be keeping coverage on the vehicle but he could not provide a card or an agent's name. The stop was for driving conduct.

March 2

• A woman traveling on Highway 10 spotted a pink pet taxi on the side of the road. She found a black lab mix puppy inside. The pup was taken to the Humane Society.

• A caller reported a female was pacing back and forth in front of the BP Gas Station yelling at cars and harassing customers.

March 3

• Information was received that a Level 3 predatory offender was moving into an apartment building in Menahga. A check of the individual confirmed he was registered in Hubbard County.

• A woman asked for the assistance of a police officer in locating a "chirping" sound. The officer was unable to locate the noise.

• Police received a report from Walmart that an elderly man was attempting to send a large amount of money on money orders to the Netherlands to help his son who had allegedly been in an accident. The man was told it was a scam and denied him service. Help for the man was sought from family members and the Maple Grove hospital.

• The Melrose Police Department sought help in locating a missing female who they believed could be in the Wadena area. The female was supposed to be with a boyfriend and was possibly living at an unknown address near Verndale. A description of a vehicle and a license plate number were also provided. A Wadena officer saw a similar vehicle but was unable to confirm the plate number.

March 4

• A complainant submitted a letter to the sheriff's office regarding the theft of personal property in the state of New York. The letter said the suspect was living in Wadena County.

• A caller reported seeing three vehicles parked in a roadway near Highway 71 and two individuals fighting.

March 5

• Wadena police assisted the Minnesota State Patrol in vehicle search on Highway 71. A trooper discovered a toy gun, painted black, to resemble an actual firearm.

• A complainant reported someone had tampered with his vehicle during his absence and it would no longer start. An officer found the vehicle had not been tampered with. The complainant was using the wrong key so the anti-theft feature was tripping and preventing the vehicle from starting.

May 6

• A small child was reported to be pushing another child in a stroller along Highway 71 near a trailer park. An officer located two children, 10 and seven, playing in the trailer court. They were advised to stay off the highway while they were playing.

• A complainant told police someone had her dog and would not return it. The other person was the woman's ex-partner. She was advised to take the issue to court.

• A woman told police she was in pain and thought something may have happened to her the previous evening. She was advised to see a doctor if the pain continued. She was unable to say why she thought someone was hurting her.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.