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Level III sex offender moves to Wadena

The Wadena County Sheriff's Office and the Wadena Police Department are announcing a community notification for a Level Three sex offender moving within the community. Convicted sexual and predatory offenders have always been released to live in the community and law enforcement has the ability to register and track these offenders after their release from correctional facilities. Local law enforcement currently tracks and monitors the activities of approximately 65 registered sex offenders in Wadena County.

Christopher Austin Sharp, a Level Three sex offender, was released Dec. 11 and is residing in the 200 block of 1st Street Southwest in Wadena. He changed his address March 1.

The purpose of the community notification is not to increase fear in the community, but to furnish information to enhance public safety and awareness. All Level Three sex offenders are considered public information and are posted on the Minnesota Department of Corrections website listing the names, addresses and number of offenders within each county in Minnesota. The Wadena Police Department and the Wadena County Sheriff's Office will have copies of the public information sheet for Level Three offenders residing in the Wadena County area.