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Historical Archives: Public Library greatly benefits the community

Lina Belar, Wadena County Historical Society

While Wadena has as yet no library building, it has a very active, well patronized public library, housed in the City Hall on Bryant Avenue East. It is a combined public and school library, serving both the general public and the school, and is supported by appropriations from the village and the local board of education.

Started by a group of public spirited club women in a small room, and kept open Saturday afternoons only, it has grown to its present size under the guidance of a very intelligent and competent librarian, Miss Jean Stewart.

There are close to 4,000 volumes, the circulation for the year ending June 1927 being as follows: young readers -10,186 volumes, adults - 9,067 volumes; a total of 19253 volumes.

The reading room is well equipped with reference material, and instruction is given to school students in the use of libraries, groups being sent to the library daily for guidance in the use of reference books.

The library owns a lot well located for a library building and has a fund ...towards the equipment of a library building, which it is hoped may be erected in the not too distant future. The money for the purchase of the building site and for equipment was raised by public subscription.

Members of the library board (in 1927) are F.J. Guest, A.C. Murray, W.J. Browne, L.H. Colson, Hugh Parker, J.L. Egleston, B.F. Burch, Mrs. S.A. Robertson and Mrs. Chris Engh.

Compiled by Robert C. Zosel from the Wadena Pioneer Journal, of December 15, 1927. Lina Belar is the interim executive director of the Wadena County Historical Society.