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Police Scanner Feb. 13

Jan. 31

• A woman asked to speak to a deputy in reference to her ex-boyfriend kicking her and her son out of her vehicle. The man had not returned the vehicle.

• Police were notified by a store owner that a man had reported seeing another male party rummaging through someone's vehicle. Officers located the suspect near Verizon Wireless and spoke with him.

• A complainant alleged a physical altercation took place between himself and some property renters who received an eviction notice. One renter grabbed a rope, barricaded herself inside and threatened suicide. The situation calmed down prior to the arrival of a deputy. The female went to the emergency room with her mother.

• A caller asked for a welfare check on her 18 and 13-year-old children who lived with their father. An officer responded and was told by the owner the water lines were frozen and he did not have the money to fix them. He also said they were using bottled water for drinking and bathing. There were two small dogs in the home and the officer detected a very slight odor of animal waste from two small dogs. The deputy spoke with the teenagers who said all was well.

Feb. 1

• A 36-year-old woman was identified as the victim of a dog bite. The dog's owner was contacted. A 10-day quarantine period was established.

• Staff at a Wadena business requested assistance in handling a male caught shoplifting. The man was being restrained by another patron.

• Two barking dogs were reported to be in an alley near the complainant's home. The dogs wore collars. Police located the dogs that appeared to be a cross between black Labrador and another breed. Both dogs were friendly and were transported to the pound.

• A renter reported a pipe had burst in her residence and there was water all over. The renter called the landlord who said he was in bed and would deal with it the following morning. Police investigated and found the renter's bedroom floor was wet but no water was flowing.

Feb. 3

• The theft of 100 gallons of farm fuel was reported but there was too many tracks to identify those of the thief.

• A propane tank was stolen off a fish house on Blueberry Lake. The owner said the tank had not been chained.

• A woman said a landlord threatened to shoot her dog and wanted to know her options. She said she was working on finding a new place to live and was in the process of finding different arrangements for the dog.

• A woman alleged she had an argument with her boyfriend and he spit in her face. She said she slapped him. Two officers stood by while she gathered some belongings and children.

• A driver suspected of being drunk turned out to be suffering from medical issues that made him appear to be functioning slowly. The man was on his way to the Twin Cities and was accompanied by his son.

Feb. 4

• A caller reported a girl rollerblading near the trailer park on South Jefferson and was concerned she was not dressed properly for the weather. The police were unable to locate the girl.

Feb. 5

• A man reported finding a chocolate lab wearing a green collar near the Subway restaurant in Wadena. The man said the dog was nearly frozen and wanted to know what he could do for it.

• Three propane tanks, a sunflower heater and an ice auger were reported stolen from a fish house on Blueberry Lake. The owner said the fish house door was damaged and the lock broken from what appeared to be a pry bar.

• A caller reported a county snow plow hit his mail box and said it was the fourth time in the last year. The county highway supervisor was contacted.

• A woman reported stopping to help two men in an older four-door vehicle who said their battery was dead. When the woman went back to ask her father for assistance the two men got into their vehicle and drove away.

Feb. 6

• The police were called to handle a complainant's son who was allegedly hollering, screaming and running up and down a hallway. The son did not want to listen to his mother.

• A vehicle caught fire on Juniper Avenue in Wadena. The fire was extinguished prior to the arrival of a police officer. It was towed to Jim's Auto Body.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.