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Wellness Center takes shape

Despite the ferocious winter weather, the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center is starting to look like a building.

After the precast concrete walls arrived earlier this month, workers set the racquetball court walls and the west half of the center section of the building, along with some structural steel, said Brandon Larkin, project superintendent for Kraus-Anderson Construction Company. This week, he said, they will be setting the gym walls and begin placing some of the pool piping.

Each day, there are between 15 and 30 workers at the construction site.

Over the past month, when temperatures dipped too low, concrete and masonry workers weren't able to work. Larkin said he's not sure how many days were lost to bad weather.

"I kind of quit counting," he said. "It was depressing. There were a lot of really harsh days."

But due to "float time" built into the schedule, Larkin said, the project remains on pace to finish by fall.

He said Mother Nature should be less of a factor in the next phases of construction. "A lot of our tasks now aren't as weather dependent."

In the coming weeks, crews will continue to set walls and start installing the steel joist system. By mid-February, Larkin said, they will begin roofing the gym.