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Police scanner

Dec. 20

• A lifeline button was pushed and the dispatch could get no response from the man. Police did a welfare check and discovered the man's cat had jumped on the button. They also discovered the man had a warrant, but did not arrest him due to his medical condition.

• A woman reported one of her employees had brought her boyfriend to work. The boyfriend had received verbal and written notices to not be at the establishment. The caller requested police escort the employee who had been fired for trespass.

• A Wadena bar owner reported an intoxicated male came into the bar and was rude and belligerent. He kicked out the male, who came back. The intoxicated male hit another vehicle with his van as police arrived.

Dec. 21

• Minnesota State Patrol discovered a male in his vehicle in a ditch. The male stated he had fallen asleep. The driver's license had been revoked. The vehicle was towed away.

• A woman reported that when she opened the door for a pizza delivery person, her dog ran out the door and into the street. A white van stopped, opened the door, and took the dog. The woman was waving her arms, but the van kept driving away.

Dec. 22

• A caller reported a woman driving southbound in the northbound lane on Hwy. 71. When the woman was pulled over, she said the snow confused her and other drivers were using their highbeams behind her and passing her on the right. She claimed she could not get into the correct lane of traffic.

• A woman reported that her mother, who had been watching her dogs, was refusing to return them.

Dec. 24

• A Wadena doctor reported a patient who became irate at the ER. The patient left and threatened the doctor, telling him to keep his dogs in his yard or else.

• A caller complained about three vehicles' loud exhaust in a Wadena parking lot. When police arrived, one of the drivers became belligerent and refused to hand over his license. The driver also told officers that they couldn't do anything to him because he was in a private parking lot. One of the drivers was issued a citation for unnecessary noises.

• A woman called police requesting they help heat her home by delivering firewood. The police informed her they could not deliver firewood and directed her to contact a firewood seller.

• A fire was reported under a home. The owner placed kerosene lamps under his home in an attempt to thaw the pipes. The lamps caught a beam on fire. There was minimal damage.