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Mr. and Mrs. Claus visit McDonald's

Santa and Mrs. Claus visited Wadena McDonalds.1 / 3
Three-year-old twins Matthew (left) and Andrew Keddy visited Santa and Mrs. Claus Sunday. Photo by Jessica Keddy.2 / 3
McDonalds manager Diane Lee told Santa what she wanted for Christmas.3 / 3

Santa Claus came to town.

Jerry and Irene Barron, dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus, visited the Wadena McDonald's Sunday to the elation of many children, young and old. Jerry Barron has been playing Santa for over 25 years. Originally visiting locations in Bertha, Barron has played St. Nick in Wadena since he and his wife moved here. Irene Barron made their costumes and they have been listening to children's requests ever since.

"It is so much fun to talk with the children. We really enjoy doing this," Barron said.

In addition to the usual requests for the latest toy, Barron has had more poignant, heartfelt requests. One visit in particular remains a vivid memory. A boy about nine years old told Barron he was being abused and requested Santa to help him.

"A police officer walked in just then and I was able to get the boy help," Barron said.

Barron said helping children is one reason he keeps playing Santa and he plans to continue to delight the children.