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Police Scanner

Nov. 29

• An allegedly intoxicated female was reported to be throwing items around at a rural residence. Prior to the arrival of a deputy, the complainant alleged the female entered a vehicle and ran into a combine, a fish house and a skid loader, causing damage to all property. An attempt to locate order was put on the vehicle and female.

• A man complained a radio station was playing Christmas music so loud he was unable to hear his television. The police requested the station turn down the music. The complainant was contacted and and he advised a deputy he had contacted city council members and intended to attend the city council meeting.

• A woman received a phone call from her son-in-law alleging a woman may have broken his knee cap. A police officer found the man had a sore knee, a sore shoulder and possibly some cracked ribs. The man did not want any medical attention.

• The welfare of a child was reported to the police after a caller alleged a 4-5 year old had been left inside a van for 15-20 minutes.

• A man who hit a deer with a vehicle and crippled it called law enforcement to ask for permission to kill the deer. He was given permission and told a deputy would meet him at his residence to issue a possession permit.

Nov. 30

• A female complainant alleged a man assaulted her and then left on foot. Police officers pursued the suspect's vehicle and took him into custody at the intersection of Dayton and Jefferson in Wadena. The man was taken to the Wadena County jail for DWI processing and other formal charges.

• A complainant told law enforcement he was trying to set up a Paypal account and received an email requesting personal information, which he gave. He then received a phone call from Western Union asking for verification another call and from his credit card company. Western Union said the request came from Algeria.

Dec. 1

• A male complainant told police he did not want his ex-wife stopping at his home anymore, alleging she had been physically abusive.

• A driver was cited for illegal use of lights after an officer noticed his car had green-colored license plate lights.

Dec. 2

• A woman reported the theft of the front and back license plates from her van.

• A female driver reported nearly hitting an older car with no tail lights while driving on Highway 10 east of New York Mills.

• A Wadena resident was given a verbal warning after he was reported for running up and down a city street on a snowmobile.

Dec. 4

• Police received a 911 hangup call from a cell phone. A callback attempt heard yelling by more than one person at a residence before the line disconnected. Police searched the residence and later found a man who had fled the residence was found located a quarter mile away hiding in the snow with no shoes on his feet. Police noted a heavy odor of alcohol. The man was transported to Tri County Hospital.

• A caller told police he believed his father needed an ambulance because he had been down in his basement for a few days and had not been eating. The father refused transport and was able to walk up the stairs under his own power.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff's Department call logs.