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Police scanner 12/5

Nov. 8

• Suspicion fell on the boyfriend of a girl who was the daughter of the complainant’s fiancé when a mailbox was smashed during the night and no tracks could be found. The complainant alleged the motive for the crime was in reprisal for the grounding of the daughter.

• A used car dealer in Wadena to pick up a Jeep was having trouble locating an address. He was advised to contact the customer by phone to determine what town he lived in since Wadena did not have such an address.

• A woman told the Wadena police she heard nine shots behind her house where she knew two deer stands to be located. An officer also heard the shots and determined they were probably coming from a property outside of city limits and that geese, not deer, were the targets.

• A man driving through city stop signs was given a verbal warning. The man said his wife had just been transported to Tri-County Hospital.

Nov. 9

• A man reported waking up to find someone he did not know asleep in his house. The stranger identified himself but appeared to be under the influence.

• A man on the way to a movie accompanied by three females was given a verbal warning for distracted driving.

Nov. 10

• A caller reported that his boxer mix dog disappeared two weeks earlier. The dog was wearing tags.

• A woman reported her ex-boyfriend was in her home and was not welcome. The woman alleged the man told her he was taking some money out of the house without permission. The woman wanted the man to move along.

Nov. 11

• A complainant told police a black Labrador retriever bit him on the leg. The man went to the hospital in Park Rapids and was told the wound was infected.

• A woman reported her friend was driving his vehicle without a license.

Nov. 12

• A caller reported a power pole fell on a Wadena Ready Mix truck on their property. The pole did not cause any damage and was removed.

• Police were called when four kids, left alone at home, began fighting.

Nov. 13

• A woman’s teenage son left home with a half a bottle of Trazadone, a medication used to treat depression and anxiety. He made a comment that he does not want to live at home anymore before leaving. The call was treated as a possible suicide attempt. The teenager was located by his grandma and given a ride to the emergency room. Tri-County Hospital staff advised the officer they would monitor the patient and call in the Crisis Team.

• A caller reported someone was shining light in his woods. He hollered at the trespasser but the lights did not seem to go away. A deputy found the lights to be yard lights from a neighbor’s residence and told the complainant. The complainant was not convinced but thanked the deputy for responding.

• A caller told police she had a person living with her who she had recently asked to leave. When that person did move out she alleged they took a large amount of food and was refusing to return it.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.