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Living History: Penny shortage is country-wide

10 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 27, 2003 Pioneer Journal

• Two injured in car accident

Two people were injured Sunday in rural Verndale when their vehicle hit a snowdrift and skidded into a bridge railing. The accident happened around 4 p.m. Sunday. Five passengers were in the vehicle. Officers smelled alcohol on the driver. The driver could face driving under the influence charges pending results from a blood test.

20 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 25, 1993 Pioneer Journal

• Bear season nets record number

Bear hunters in east-central Minnesota had an excellent season, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

"This fall, 990 bear were registered in the Aitkin, Brainerd, Little Falls, St. Cloud, Cambridge and Hinckley areas," said Henry Wulf, DNR regional wildlife supervisor. "That's 97 more bear than last year and more than twice as many as were taken in 1991."

Last year, hunters harvested a record 3,175 bear throughout Minnesota. by comparison, only 150 to 200 bears were reported annually prior to 1971, when the first restricted bear hunting season was authorized.

Wulf said today's population is a reflection of legislation that protects the bear, research and the changing landscape. In 1965, he said, bounty payments were eliminated. in 1971, the Minnesota Legislature classified the black bear as a protected big game animal. Also starting in 1981, the DNR began aggressive bear research. This led to the quota system that the DNR uses to limit hunter numbers and thereby manage the overall bear harvest.

Increased logging may also be a factor. This has provided younger, more luscious vegetation with more berries than in the past. Also, small dumps no longer dot the landscapes. These were not only a source of disease and parasites, but also attracted poachers.

DNR surveys indicate about 15,000 bear inhabit Minnesota.

30 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 30 1983 Pioneer Journal

• Wadena zapped by winter storm

The second winter storm of the season blasted Wadena this week as six and a half inches fell Sunday night and monday morning. The storm was capped off by an additional three inches Monday and Tuesday.

The storm hit this area by surprise as weather forecasters predicted Sunday that the heavy snow would be limited to southern Minnesota. But the snow band reached up through Wadena dropping nine and a half inches.

Wadena residents took the storm in stride and took a little extra time in getting to work Monday morning. The Wadena schools were closed for the day, extending the student's holiday weekend to five days. Other activities were also cancelled.

According to Ron Buchholz, street superintendent, the storm did not create an unusual problems for snowplows.

"The only problem is that the snow doesn't seem to want to stop falling," he said. "Otherwise it's been going pretty good."

Buchholz said the two things that hinder snow removal during a storm like this are the cars that are parked in the street and the people who blow the snow back into the street after it has been plowed.

50 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 28, 1963 Pioneer Journal

• Sheriff arrests two brothers

A forgery charge was brought against Lawrence Cooper, 24, Nelson, Minn., Tuesday by Wadena County Sheriff Manley Erickson.

Back in April of this year Cooper wrote a check for $30 and gave it to Alfred Wright who in turn passed it on to a concern located in Wadena. At present Cooper is out on bail pending trial.

At the same time that Lawrence was arrested, his brother Danny Cooper, 20, Wadena, was also taken into custody for destruction of personal property when he ran through a neighbor's fence with his car. This case is also pending.

70 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 3, 1943 Pioneer Journal

• Penny shortage is country-wide

Banks throughout the country are appealing to those with pennies in hiding to bring them out and turn them in. there is a shortage and handicaps are being experienced in change-making.

Rural banks are being rationed on pennies now and thus a general appeal is being made to people to search their penny banks and other hiding places and turn them in for deposit or cash.