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Living History: Which violation to cite him for?

5 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 20, 2008 Pioneer Journal

• Which violation to cite him for?

On Nov. 16, a Verndale police officer stopped a man for loud exhaust, a broken tail light, cracked windshield and no side mirror. During the stop the officer noticed a clear bag filled with fresh meat in the vehicle. The driver said it was venison. The bag had no name, license number or date on it.

Also in the vehicle was a compound bow and arrows.

The driver said the vehicle was his but had no proof of insurance and his driver's license expired in 1996.

15 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 19, 1998 Pioneer Journal

• Extradition hearing set for Bell Hill man charged with murder in Illinois

An extradition hearing for Hosea Haynes Jr, 42, is set for Nov. 23 in Wadena County District Court. Haynes is currently in custody at the Wadena County Detention Center. A warrant for his arrest was issued by North Lake, Ill. police for first degree murder. Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr and deputies arrested Haynes at the Bell Hill Recovery Center Nov. 5.

A $20,000 bail was set Nov. 6.

Haynes has been fighting extradition. An extradition hearing is set for Nov. 23.

30 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 17, 1983 Pioneer Journal

• Supreme court upholds manslaughter conviction

The minnesota Supreme Court today upheld the first-degree manslaughter conviction of Antti J. Haavisto, who was found guilty in connection with the 1981 death of Bernard Webber of rural Menahga.

In appealing his conviction, Haavisto contended that the state had failed to prove that the killing was either intentional or unjustifiable. The high court rejected Haavisto's contention that if he had intended to kill Webber he would have fired directly at him.

"Defendant, by his own admission, was under the influence of alcohol and had difficulty looking through the scope of the rifle," Associate Justice Glenn Kelley wrote.

"In other words, the (Wadena County) jury could conclude that his failure to hit the victim was not the result of a lack of intent to kill but the result of poor aim."

50 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 17, 1963 Pioneer Journal

• Fire reported in a coal car

A smoking coal car brought the Wadena Fire Department to the railroad tracks behind the Old Lambert Lumber sheds about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The car was reported smoking outside the village limits and was moved to where fire fighting apparatus could get to it.

The smoke was extinguished by pouring water into the coal car and allowing it to soak through. Damage amounted to the burning of the board siding of the car.

80 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 3, 1933 Pioneer Journal

• School will burn wood this winter

Dry seasoned jackpine and poplar wood purchased from farmers in the vicinity will replace coal as fuel which will be burned to heat the Wadena public school building this year, according to an announcement last week by Whitney Murray, clerk.

The use of wood is to be more or less of an experiment, Mr. Murray said. No marked saving is expected but it was felt that the distribution of the money among farmers in the vicinity would be of benefit to all concerned.