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Police scanner 11/14

Nov. 1

• A deputy spoke with a complainant who reported the theft of a golf cart from an unlocked shed. The complainant said the cart went missing some time since last summer.

• Police assisted with an ambulance run which found a 23-year-old female suffering chest pain, a rapid heart rate and difficult breathing.

Nov. 2

• A rural Wadena County resident reported lights shining on the woods behind his property. A prior check revealed the lights to be coming from some grain bins. The lights the resident was seeing appeared to be coming from a tower north of his property.

• A Menahga caller alleged her ex was at her apartment threatening to break all of her property unless she returned home. The man was gone when law enforcement arrived.

• A cow was reported playing chicken with a car.

• A complainant reported catching two men going through his truck.

• A Wadena resident reported the theft of two credit cards. In cancelling the cards the complainant alleged he learned from customer service they had been used three times at a local bank before being rejected.

Nov. 3

• A man alleged his girlfriend was forced into a vehicle at a Wadena residence by her ex-boyfriend and was headed for Brainerd. He added the vehicle had reversed direction and was returning to the residence.

• A caller requested help from law enforcement in locating his grain truck. The vehicle was not located. When the dispatcher attempted to call the person making the request they could not reach him. A deputy attempted to make contact with the caller at his home but no one was home and the house was dark.

• A woman asked law enforcement to contact a man who was allegedly making threatening phone calls to her mother. The woman supplied two numbers. A deputy attempted to contact the caller and left a message for him.

• A large fire was reported at a rural Wadena County residence. A deputy responded and found two fires going - one in a fire ring and the other in a pile of old boards. Fires were extinguished by the property owner.

• A complainant reported someone in a dark four-door car fired a shot and then left the scene. An investigation revealed the victim was a porcupine.

Nov. 4

• A man called 911 and reported he had been assaulted. The man said he was kicked and punched in the face. He said he was going to take care of it and then go to Tri-County Hospital.

Nov. 5

• A Human Services employee reported receiving a call from a Verndale resident alleging a man had just struck her in the face. When law enforcement arrived the woman denied the entire incident. The man agreed to leave the residence.

• An attempt by police to serve a warrant was thwarted when they were unable to locate the woman. The police later found out the woman’s neighbors had given her a ride to the train depot in Staples. The woman’s destination was believed to be Kentucky.

Nov. 6

• A 16-year-old female reported she had personal items at a residence in Wadena which the residents were refusing to return.

• Fleet Supply in Wadena reported someone in a white pickup stole 8-10 old batteries from an area outside the building.

• A man alleged a woman tried to stab him during a domestic argument.

• A woman at Bell Hill Recovery Center alleged a man threw hot coffee at a female resident and hit her in the face.

• A complainant said his eyes were burning from what he suspected to be chemicals sprays in a nearby field. A deputy interviewed the complainant at his farm and while doing so also suffered from burning eyes.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.