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Living History: County sheriff investigates marijuana report

5 years ago

   Excerpts from the Nov. 6, 2008 Pioneer Journal

Browne, Niles elected to Wadena city council

     Incumbent Kay Browne and local attorney Don Niles were elected to the Wadena City Council in a close race Tuesday.

     Browne led all candidates with 973 votes, followed by Niles (945) and Borealis Books owner Gillette Kempf (865).

     Browne returns to her own seat, while Niles will take the seat currently held by Pete Phillips, who ran in the 10B DFL primary.  Phillips was the subject of a late write-in campaign, which fell short.  Though write-in votes hadn’t been sorted out by press time, there were 362 of them in the council race, of 11.5 percent of the vote.

10 years ago

   Excerpts from the Nov. 6, 2003 Pioneer Journal

Sebeka man dies in Horace

     A Sebeka man died after he fell from a bucket truck near Horace, N.D., south of Fargo.

     Toby Windels, 21, of Sebeka fell about 40 feet to his death while working on power poles, according to authorities.

The Cass County Sheriff’s Department said Windels fell out of the bucket backward about 2 p.m. Wednesday.  He was taken to a Fargo hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Mobile home destroyed in fire

     A mobile home burned to the ground on Saturday morning on County Road 4 outside of Wadena.

     Wadena Fire Chief Sam Waln said firefighters were called around 6:30 a.m. and spent hours trying to extinguish the blaze.  Dale Manley lived in the home.  No one was injured.

     Waln said the mobile home had a structure built around it, making it more difficult to save the home.

     The home was a total loss.  The cause of the fire is unknown and still under investigation.

30 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 2, 1983 Pioneer Journal

County sheriff investigates marijuana report

     Roger Wiebesick, Matt Hoemberg and Duane Winters, members of the Tri-County Taxpayers association reported finding six marijuana plants in a corn field on the Staples Irrigation Farm last Tuesday.

     Plants were located off of CSAH 2 and west of the irrigation Center, Wiebesick said.  He notified the Wadena County Sheriff’s Department and a check of the field was made Wednesday morning by Sheriff Michael Carr and Wiebesick.  The two found another marijuana plant in the field where corn was being picked.

     Wiebesick said members of the taxpayers group had taken it upon themselves to check this particular field where reportedly all of it had been removed after the County Sheriff’s Department had on Sept. 12 notified the farm staff of the presence of marijuana.

60 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 3, 1953 Pioneer Journal

Police thank boys, girls for good behavior on Halloween

Vandalism in Wadena Halloween night was at a minimum, and other pranks were few, according to a report by the Wadena police force, who again thanked the boys and girls for their good manner.  Veteran officer Con Knutson said it was the most orderly he could remember, and credited the high school carnival and the Haack-Legion movie with keeping the youngsters entertained and busy.

“Of course there were the little shavers who were out for tricks or treats, but if they weren’t out I think folks would miss them.  But it didn’t seem there were as many of them this year as in other years,” said Knutson.

75 years ago

Excerpts from the Nov. 3, 1938

Pioneer Journal

Sidney Wilcox confesses guilt

Probation officers are studying the case of Sidney Wilcox, former Park Rapids Postmaster, following his guilty plea to a charge he used his position to obtain money from postal employees.

Appearing before Federal Judge M.M. Joyce, Wilcox pleaded guilty to one count of an indictment.  Three other counts were dismissed.  Judge Joyce delayed sentence until Nov. 26.

Listing of a $300 loan to Wilcox as a bad debt in the income tax report of one of his employees started investigation leading to his indictment last week.

It was alleged he obtained $1,400 from four employees in amounts ranging from $200 to $600, on promise he would use his influence to obtain them better jobs.  He was postmaster 23 years before his recent resignation.