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Police scanner for 11/4

Oct.  24

A caller reported spotting a white Buick pulled into a driveway and when the car was still there some time later they went to get a license plate number. When the driver of the car realized they were approaching they left quickly and did not return.

Oct.  25

Wadena deputies assisted Hubbard County law enforcement in searching for a missing 22-year-old female.

A contract crew working on the Wadena city sewer lines reported having a piece of equipment caught in the sewer line on Southwest Seventh Street. They put out an emergency locate and utility agencies marked the area in case the crew had to dig the line.

A man reported that a German shepherd dog charged him as he walked his granddaughter to the bus.

A caller reported having a property dispute with someone who was allegedly cutting down trees on his land. He said the wood cutter’s father had moved no trespassing signs onto what he believed to be his property and had mowed down some trees the caller had planted.

Oct.  26

A Wadena deputy assisted a DNR employee in a dispute over the placement of a deer stand.

A two-year-old girl, not dressed for the weather, was reported to be walking around in the vicinity of Second Street Northwest and Franklin. A car pulled up and was going to pick up the girl just as a police officer arrived.

A 911 call came in and the police heard a lot of yelling and commotion before the line went dead. Police officers responded. The disagreement was over when they arrived. A female left the residence and no one wished to press charges.

An adult male was allegedly assaulted and the caller reported a fight had broken out among a large group of people. Police units responded but found that no one wished to press charges. An adult male, who was found to be on probation, was detained. He was given a Portable Breath Test (PBT) and gave a .217 reading. He was released to a sober ride.

 Oct.  27

A caller speaking with his father-in-law reported he sounded incoherent and said there was blood coming from his hands and feet. A deputy responded to a rural Wadena County address and made contact with a man with a large cut on his arm. Emergency medical personnel were called and the man was transported to Tri-County Hospital.

 Oct.  28

A fight was reported between two sisters. One sister said the fight occurred because she was told she could not ride to school with her sister in the morning. The other sister said the reason for the fight was that her sister had not wanted to do the dishes.

 Oct.  29

A welfare check was performed after a woman received a call and the lady on the other end of the line sounded confused. The woman asked for her name and then heard a couple of deep breathes before the phone went dead. Attempts to make further contact were thwarted when the calls went to voicemail. Police determined that no one was living at the location given.

 Oct.  30

Police received a call from a woman who was renting a home in rural Wadena County. She had arranged to meet a potential renter but when she arrived the renter had already moved his property into the house without her knowledge. She alleged the tenant had moved in without paying the first month’s damage deposit and rent. She also reported the renter was also not obeying the rules against smoking. She was informed it was a civil matter.

A woman notified police after she received a call from a male who alleged they had run into his car. The woman said she called the number back and found the number was disconnected.

 Oct.  31

Orton’s reported a stray cat outside the station kept trying to get inside and was causing problems.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.