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The Great Pumkin arroives in Mrs. Van Dyke's classroom

In Heidi Van Dyke’s first-grade classroom, students had to guess how much this large pumpkin (pictured above) weighed. After everyone submitted their guess, the pumpkin’s weight was revealed: a whopping 87 pounds!  Closest guess was made by Hailey Haig with 89 pounds.  The pumpkin was donated and brought in by Curt Leeseberg (Cadie's dad). Pictured are some of Mrs. Van Dyke’s students, front row, from left to right:  Matthew Wegscheid, Ava Van Bruggen, Katy Muckala, Macy Wynn and Owen Hendershot; middle row, from left: Amaya Walker, Jeremiah Peterson, Devan Weiderich, Hailey Haig, and Andrew Dodge; back row, from left: Brooklyn McCulloch, Keira-Mai Roth, Lance Connell, Jenna Wood and Cadie Leeseberg. (Photo by Dana Pavek, WDC Schools)