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Police Scanner for 10/24

Oct. 10

A man found a small, yellow box on Highway 10 and brought it to the sheriff’s office where it was identified by a deputy as meth.

A Wadena man alleged he had been struck on the head by a beer bottle and needed medical attention. The man also wanted to make a report of the incident.

A suicidal person called police and told them he had attempted to cut his wrist three times over a four-week period. The man asked to be taken in for evaluation and assistance.

Oct. 12

A complainant said she having a girls’ weekend at a cabin jointly owned by her husband and her brother. The brother showed up, acted erratically and chased her with a wrench. He then told her to leave but said she could return to the cabin at a later time. A deputy followed the complainant to the cabin to see if the brother was still there but he had left.

A man called at 8:47 p.m. and alleged he heard gunshots from a vehicle. A deputy investigated and talked to the caller who said he heard the vehicle but did not see it. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

The sheriff’s office received an anonymous tip that two individuals with felony warrants were staying at the Spirit Lake Motel in Menagha. A deputy investigated and spoke with a young couple who admitted they had warrants out for their arrest. They were taken into custody.

Oct. 13

A five-month-old flew into the air and landed on a couch after the father, who was carrying the baby, tripped on a toy in the living room. The infant was smiling when a deputy arrived. She was taken to the hospital by her parents to be examined.

A woman reported finding a vehicle in the ditch on County Road 15 which was hung up on a dirt pile. She helped the elderly driver out of the vehicle and while giving him a ride to Menahga became concerned he was either confused or intoxicated so she called the sheriff’s office. A deputy spoke with the man who said he had driven into the ditch when he became distracted. The deputy did not think the man sounded intoxicated. A later check found the man’s vehicle back in his driveway.

Oct. 14

Wadena County was alerted that the suspect in a car theft was heading for the Bell Hill Recovery Center. The car and driver were located in Staples and arrested by the Staples police.

A driver traveling on Highway 10 west of Verndale received a warning for speeding when he passed a squad car which was traveling at the legal posted speed limit.

A prisoner was given his release from jail but refused to leave.

A man who was reportedly out of control threw a table through a window. The man was arrested on a Hennepin County warrant for fifth degree assault.

Oct. 15

The theft of seven game cameras was reported by a woman.

A female caller bought a horse from a person in Staples in July said she had read on Craig’s List that the seller had allegedly stolen three horses. The caller wanted to know if the horse she had bought was stolen.

A man wearing blue jeans, a blue hoodie and bright shoes tried to gain entry to Dairy Queen in Wadena twice and was told to leave the second time by an employee. A police officer went to see the suspect at his apartment and told him he was not allowed in the Dairy Queen. The suspect promised not to return. The officer believed he was under the influence of something because his pupils were very dilated.

A woman being harassed by her ex-boyfriend called police and told them she wanted him removed. She was told to get an OFP (Order for Protection).

Oct. 17

A woman alleged someone woke her up by knocking on her door. She believed the caller was an unknown male but said she was too scared to check. An officer went to the woman’s home but found the individual had left.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.