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Police scanner for Oct. 17

Oct. 3

A woman reported spot lights shining around near her property after dark and told police she was concerned about the security of vacant buildings on her neighbor’s place. It turned out to be the neighbor who had returned to the residence and started a small fire.

Oct. 4

A woman who police stopped for speeding said she was en route to the clinic for a medical problem. She refused an ambulance. The police issued her warning for speeding.

Oct. 5

A Wadena County landowner reported his gate posts had been cut down and personal property had been moved. He told an officer he had been having trouble with his neighbors and the township.

A large amount of smoke coming from Marlin’s Small Engine Repair prompted a caller to make a report. The fire was confined to the wood stove but dampness in the air created a low ceiling of smoke.

Oct. 6

A caller alleged a female stopped at their rural Wadena residence and asked to use the phone in order to arrange a ride. She asked the caller not to tell anyone she had been in their home and provided no name. She then left on foot. The caller asked for a drive-through of the neighborhood because the whereabouts of the female visitor was unknown and the caller was afraid she may steal something. Police contacted the number she called and spoke with a man who had already picked the woman up.

A woman reported seeing a man running from her residence. When she was getting ready for bed she heard someone by her back door and she allegedly saw the same man looking into her residence. Police searched the backyard of the residence but did not find the suspect.

A 911 call was placed but the caller hung up. Video revealed the caller was a small child who was at the phone with the receiver in hand.

A complainant alleged that a group of men assaulted him and two other males at a party in Wadena County. The complaint alleged they were shot at, there were bullet holes in their vehicle and one of their tires had been shot out. A towing service brought the vehicle into Wadena.

A police officer spoke with a complainant who said she received a call from her 15-year-old daughter and alleged the teenager was refusing to return from her father’s residence. The daughter wanted to transfer to attend school in another district. The mother was advised the best way of handling the matter was in family court.

Oct. 7

A woman sold a car to her daughter and wanted the car back because she alleged her daughter was not making any payments. The woman also alleged her daughter’s boyfriend had assaulted her husband.

A complainant alleged someone had sanded the clear coat finish off both the box and door of his pickup while it was parked in front of the Wadena County courthouse.

Oct. 9

A complainant reported someone had entered his house and stole his wallet, checkbook and his cancer meds.

A woman reported her German Shepherd dog had been stolen and told police she suspected her neighbor of taking the animal. When a police officer spoke with the woman she said the neighbor had taken the dog for a walk.

A caller alleged his TV had been stolen by someone he knew. He told police he contacted the suspects in Perham and they were refusing to return the stolen TV.

Oct. 11

A complaint was made about an neighboring apartment complex tenant in Wadena. The caller alleged the tenant was usually intoxicated, harasses the tenants of her building, urinated outdoors, had been seen going through the garbage behind the caller’s business place and had attempted to charge her husband money for putting garbage into his own dumpster.

 These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.