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Justice Page wows WDC second graders

By Dana Pavek

A striking figure in his signature bowtie, Justice Alan Page made a special visit to WDC Elementary where he read his new children’s book to second-graders, entitled Alan and His Perfectly Pointy, Impossibly Perpendicular Pinky.  

   Politely declining to sit in a comfortable adult chair, Justice Page requested a student chair from Loni Niles, WDC media specialist. As he settled his large frame into the small yellow chair, Justice Page shared with his attentive audience of 80 second-graders how he and his daughter co-wrote the book about his disfigured pinky. 

   When Justice Page displayed his “perfectly, perpendicular pinky,” the students were stunned and amazed at this peculiar sight.  Justice Page received an even bigger reaction when the book talks about Page playing for the Minnesota Vikings. This revelation created quite an enthusiastic buzz. “You played for the Minnesota Vikings?!” could be heard repeatedly by the youngsters. This was a generation who wasn’t aware of Justice Page’s former career as a professional football player. Page was a defensive tackle with the Vikings from 1967 to 1978 and a member of the notorious “Purple People Eaters.”

   Page said his children’s book is a story about the child in all of us and about imagination. He said the book goes beyond simply a story about his unique pinky that was dislocated several times on and off the football field. 

   “Reading is critical. Anything we can do to interest particularly young children is vitally important,” Justice Page said, who is passionate about literacy and education. Proceeds from his children’s book benefit the Page Education Foundation, which he and his wife Diane, started in 1988.