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Sept. 27

The security guard at an apartment building in Wadena requested a city officer have a resident turn the volume of their television set down. An officer investigated the complaint but did not find it necessary to make contact with the resident.

A Wadena resident alleged she was being threatened on Facebook by a group of females.

A woman who was doing yoga in a city park by herself reported observing a silver-colored SUV was sitting nearby in the park. She said it was making her uneasy because she felt she was being watched. The vehicle left after an hour. An officer searched the area for the reported vehicle but was unable to locate it.

A dog pack consisting of one German Shepherd and two Labrador Retrievers were reported for trashing a resident’s garbage cans. The complainant told police it was the third time the dog pack has been to his place. The dogs were trailed to their home on Fourth Street where an officer spoke to the homeowner about the situation.

Three people were reported for suspicious activity when they were spotted digging through a dumpster next to a Wadena clinic.

Sept. 28

A father stopped at the Wadena County Sheriff’s office and said he believed his 16-year-old daughter had been consuming an alcoholic beverage. An officer on duty could not smell the odor and advised the father to seek assistance from the Todd County Sheriff’s Office because he was a resident of Clarissa.

A caller reported seeing someone inside his neighbor’s house after he had given her a ride to the train station. The caller had the key for the house.

Sept. 29

The dog pack operating on Fourth Street in Wadena returned to a residence where they had been a nuisance. A resident locked two of the three dogs inside her garage and called the city police. When an officer arrived they found the dogs had done a lot of damage inside the garage. The owners of the dogs appeared just as the officer was putting them into his squad car and said the dogs had escaped from their own garage. The owners were issued a citation.

A Wadena resident made a belated report of the theft of a power tool from his garage. He said the tool was at the pawn shop. He told police he suspected one of the prisoners in custody at the Wadena County jail carried out the theft.

Sept. 30

A 2-inch ball and receiver was stolen from an SUV parked at a residence on 2nd Street in Wadena.

The owner of the Uptown Café reported a customer was falling asleep in the rest room and asked an officer to assist one of his employees in removing the man from the premises. The customer admitted to an officer he had been drinking.

Oct. 1

A caller told police his mother had called him and had given him 12 hours to remove his property from her residence. The caller asked police to contact his mother and find out the reason. An officer spoke with the mother who said she just wanted to verify where her son was and did not want him to move out. The son was informed of this fact by the police.

Loud music was reported to be coming from an apartment on 2nd Steet in Wadena. An officer went to the residence to investigate. The occupant was unable to get out of bed and asked the officer to come inside and turn the TV volume down.

 Oct. 2

A deputy responded to a call from Bell Hill after a client alleged a man entered a room where he was attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and began issuing threats. Staff members told the deputy they had been experiencing problems with the man and were at the point of forcing him to leave the program. The man, who alleged other clients were not treating him with respect, was told that if law enforcement had to return because of his actions he would be arrested.

Oct. 3

Officers responded to a call for assistance from a rural Wadena County resident. Hollering and arguing could be heard in the background during the call. Two deputies responded and upon arrival could hear an adult female yelling inside the house. One of the deputies saw two adult males sitting on a couch in the living room. The female told officers a fight between a dog and a cat got into a roaster pan of chili in the kitchen and when she went to stop them she slipped on the floor and fell. The roaster pan lid hit her in the eye causing it to turn black and blue. After one of the men went to help her get up another entered the kitchen and assumed the two were fighting so he placed a 911 call. All three were reportedly intoxicated.

A four-wheel ATV was observed driving northbound from Westside Sports. The operator told the officer he lived in a motel and worked at Wensman Seed.

 These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.