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Maslowski Wellness and Research Center is a Go

By Lori Schloeder Gress

After several delays in approving the Maslowski Wellness and Research Center, the project is scheduled to break ground in October.

  At the special Wadena City Council meeting on Sept. 26, the council gave unanimous approval for the Wellness Center to move forward this October.  Previous issues delaying the start of the project were addressed as follows:

FEMA Funds

  Reallocation of FEMA Funds (approximately $850,000) from the 2010 tornado destruction of the Wadena Grandstand to the Wellness Center have been received by the City of Wadena.

Bid Package 1:

  Adjustments to the bid package are anticipated as follows:

  • Cost savings on earthwork – type of soil and variance from 12” requirement - $150,000
  • Cost savings on additional boiler - $65,000

  Additional consideration as follows:

  • Cost increases for delay of project – “winter” costs - $30,000

Bid Package 2:

  A representative from Kraus Anderson noted the following areas with substantial increases over the project estimate:

  • Carpentry – increase due to doors/hardware to accommodate pool areas
  • Mechanical – increase due to Minnesota’s B3 requirements (Buildings, Benchmarks and Beyond)
  • Pool – timing of the project has increased the bids as spring is a prime time for pool installation and the project has four bodies of water within.
  • Roof – the roof requires special tapering to meet the different pool levels and also additional insulation.

  The complete list of the project scope with low bids is available from the City of Wadena offices.  Please note, some areas will need to have change orders and some areas will need to be rebid in the future.

  The Wadena City Council was presented with the following Finance Recap prior to approving the project in full:


Private Fund Drive                               $4,052,898

State Funds                                          $4,950,000

City – FEMA and Insurance                $1,005,874

Community Center                              $   660,000 Paid to Date

            $   250,000 Unpaid

Grant – Cargill                                     $   500,000




Bid Package #1                                                $3,304,399

Bid Package #2                                                $6,321,389

Engineering and Contingency              $2,799,289


Shortfall: 1,006,305                    

Possible Adjustments

Dirt Work Reduce Scope                     ($ 150,000)

Alternate – Boiler                                ($   65,000)

Winter Condition Adder                                  $30,000

New Shortfall: ($821,305)

Fundraising Committee

New Commitment                    $300,000        

City Commitment                                $521,305