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September 14 Police Scanner

Sept. 2

• A rural homeowner reported his grandson witnessed someone in a red Chevy smash his mailbox with a bat.

Sept. 3

• A woman wearing a princess crown and a purple cast on one of her legs attempted to cash a check at Walmart without providing proper identification. The female suspect became verbal with Walmart staff members and then left in the company of a male. The investigating officer went to Super One to advise them of the situation and was told two people had just attempted to cash a check and had left on bicycles. The officer made contact with the bicyclists at Thrifty White Drug.

Sept. 4

• A complainant reported an act of vandalism alleging someone poured maple syrup on her daughter’s windshield.

• A caller reported a black angus calf with a red ear tag running along County Road 23. The owner of the calf was contacted and he said he would take care of it.

• A caller told police he was concerned about the welfare of an elderly neighbor. The neighbor was not at his home. A person from Nimrod told the caller that when he had last seen the elderly man he was “all beat up.” A deputy checked with a member of the man’s family and learned he was in the hospital.

• An ambulance crew went to the aid of a male party who fell from a deer stand approximately 15 feet off the ground. The injured man complained of neck, back and leg pain.

Sept. 5

• A loud music complaint prompted a police officer to speak with two men who were installing a system in a car. One of the men immediately agreed to stop for night. The other man asked if he was running the risk of going to jail if he continued the installation job. He was once again asked to quit and told the officer he would do so.

• A caller asked for a welfare check on her three children who she believed were living with their father at a Verndale address. The woman alleged she had not been able to make contact with them for three days but finally located them in Circle Pines, Minn. She was advised to contact law enforcement personnel in Circle Pines and was given the phone number to do so.

• A driver was stopped for crossing the fog and center lines on Highway 71 north of Wadena. The driver had dogs in the car that were responsible for the swerving.

Sept. 6

• A shopper purchased items at a Wadena business, walked out to the parking lot, laid her wallet on her car hood while she put the bags away and returned to find the wallet missing.

• Police assisted a landlord in removing an unwanted individual from a residence on First Street Southwest in Wadena.

Sept. 7

• A rural complainant alleged her neighbor was guilty of trying to let the complainant’s horse out. The neighbor had placed a ladder over the fence. A deputy spoke with the neighbors who said they thought it was okay to have the ladder up. They denied letting the horses out. They were advised not to go on the complainant’s property anymore.

• A caller alleged her neighbors were shooting off bottle rockets and asked a deputy to make them stop because of the fire hazard they presented in the dry conditions.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.