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September 7 Police Scanner

Aug. 26

• The Wadena County K-9 unit found a small amount of marijuana in the ashtray of a vehicle parked at the Terry Motel. A citation was issued to the driver.

• A 20-month-old child was bitten in the face by the family dog and had a puncture wound near one eye.

Aug. 27

• A man in town trying to make contact with his son asked police for a night’s lodging at a Wadena motel. The man told police he had been staying in the laundromat for three nights and had not slept.

• A Wadena deputy observed a vehicle approaching at a high rate of speed on County Road 26. The speed was confirmed with radar as being 84 miles per hour. The vehicle was stopped and the driver admitted to the speeding charge. He told the officer he was taking back roads and enjoying his ride. He was cited for going 25 miles an hour over the speed limit.

• A caller reported observing vehicles with their flashers on along Highway 71 and Highway 13. The caller was reported as being rude after saying she did not want officers to wait for an hour before responding and expected them to respond immediately. Police located one of the vehicles and found to be out of gas.

Aug. 28

• A juvenile female reported she and two friends were threatened with a beating by several other females near the Glamour Full Service Salon in Wadena.

• A woman reported people were removing things from some property she owns in Nimrod without her permission. She alleged the former owner of the property signed the items over to her but she had nothing on record with the county. The woman was advised she needed to file the proper paperwork to take ownership.

• A big truck was reported to be tearing up the parking lot at St. Ann’s Church in Wadena.

• A complainant identified a person who was allegedly trying to pick a fight with her grandmother. The complainant said the person had been stalking them for a week.

Aug. 29

• A person dressed completely in white was on the edge of the Wadena city limits and appeared to be hitchhiking.

• A semi driver was reported to be all over the road on Highway 10. The investigating officer did not detect any sign the driver had been using alcohol. The driver did not offer an excuse for his driving but denied drinking. The owner of the truck was informed his driver appeared to be very tired.

Aug. 30

• A caller reported two Fair Oaks Lodge residents smoking outside the facility. The caller allegedly had trouble with the two residents using drugs and wanted police to check on them.

• A complainant reported the theft of some equipment he had sold after failing to locate a check from the buyer. A deputy contacted the buyer who told him where he had left the check and the complainant informed the police it had been located.

Aug. 31

• Two Wadena residents were reported to be hollering and arguing in their back yard while they threw things around.

Sept. 1

• A woman reported receiving prank calls on her cell phone coming from her home phone.

Sept. 2

• A Menahga man was found lying on the side of the road along County Road 16. The man was unresponsive. An alcohol blood test was administered which showed the man was all right and not in need of medical attention

• A woman reported her brother missing. The man had last been seen five days earlier.

• Multiple calls were received about a vehicle that struck another vehicle and a building before fleeing. A deputy located the vehicle.

• The driver of a green Dodge extended cab pickup left a Wadena station without paying. The pickup’s license plate was covering by a piece of cardboard. The man filling the vehicle replaced the nozzle on the pump backwards so it would not indicate to the people inside that fueling was finished. A search of the area failed to turn up the reported vehicle.

• A county squad car collided with a deer and damaged the front grill. The car was still drivable.

• A complainant told a police he had observed irrigators spraying the roadway. A deputy spoke with the complainant who said he had a state statute forbidding the spraying. The deputy checked with the chief deputy who said he knew of no such statute. The complainant was asked to bring a copy of the statute to the sheriff’s office.

• A caller identified a man who she alleged walked into her mother’s residence with a pipe in his hand and started making threats. The caller was asked if she wished to prefer charges. She said they would be filing for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO).

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.