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August 24 Police Scanner

Aug. 13

• A complainant alleged 3-4 people broke into his home while he was in the shower. Police were given a description. Nothing appeared to be missing.

• A caller reported seeing a small, red car parked with the headlights out and thought it was suspicious. She also saw the shine of a flashlight a couple of times. A deputy investigated and spoke with two individuals who were watching and recording a meteor shower.

Aug. 14

• A caller informed police that an elderly man with a walker was near the railroad tracks in Wadena. She felt he was too close.

• A complainant told police they suspected the driver of a blue GMC truck in the McDonald’s parking lot was possibly intoxicated because they kept opening and closing their door.

An officer was dispatched but was unable to locate the vehicle.

• A woman said she was on the phone with her daughter’s father when the father allegedly started to yell at the girl and threatened to throw all her stuff away. When the woman said she would pick the girl up the father said if she did the daughter would never be welcome back in his home. The woman was also allegedly threatened by other people present in the father’s home.

• Aug. 16

A Wadena police officer caught two juvenile and two adult males on the roof of the Cozy Theater.

• A caller asked to speak with an officer regarding children who were given narcotics the previous evening while staying with a friend. Poison Control was alerted. Fifteen hours passed. Children showed no after effects.

Aug. 17

• A complainant alleged his girlfriend’s father cut his bicycle in half because he did not like the way the complainant was talking to his daughter. An officer investigated found the bike cut in half. He was told the mother of the daughter did not want the complainant at their residence in the future.

• A caller complained that a dog was inside a gray Dodge minivan with no windows open for ventilation. An officer investigated and found the owner had left the van on and was running the air conditioner and the temperature was comfortable. The dog owner was advised to roll windows down for cross-ventilation.

• A complainant alleged another individual leave a letter in his mailbox that contained language which was not proper. The complainant wanted charges pressed against the individual for entering his mailbox.

Aug. 18

• A caller gave police the name of a female who allegedly stole $100 from her in order to buy crack.

• Public assistance was rendered to a woman who said a bat was trying to claw its way through the wall. An access panel to a crawl space under a bath tub was removed but no creatures were found.

• A woman reported a Florida man met her friend online and sent her $200. The man wanted the money returned. When she told him she did not have his money he threatened to kill her. The woman said her friend was frightened and wished to have police protection.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs