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June 29 Police Scanner

June 17

 • A caller alleged another man was threatening to beat him or kill him.

June 18

 • A burglary was reported by a person who returned home to find property missing or moved and a safe unlocked and emptied. The complainant did not notice any signs of forced entry.

June 19

 • A welfare check was requested on a woman who was believed to be suicidal and was on County Road 23 heading in the direction of Verndale. The man making the request was the woman’s husband. He alleged his wife was upset with him and was texting him about their relationship. He added she was not making suicidal comments via her text messages to him. The man believed his wife might be heading toward Coon Rapids, Minn.

June 20

 • A complainant reported a vehicle pulling into her driveway for a week and leaving when anyone went outside. She could not supply a vehicle description. A police officer investigated but encountered no vehicles in the area. The officer informed the complainant extra patrols would be carried out.

 • The sheriff’s office received a complaint about cattle trespassing in a woman’s garden. The woman demanded an officer respond to the call and threatened to shoot the cattle if the officer did not come. She alleged the cattle had repeatedly been on her property. A deputy advised the woman he would speak with the owner of the cattle. The deputy spoke with some people working on the fence and they said something chased the cattle. They told the deputy they had notified the local conservation officer. They promised to check the entire fence.

 • A man asked for a welfare check on his cousin who left a message on Facebook indicating he was possibly suicidal. The man denied any suicidal thoughts but admitted being depressed.

 • A young male was observed tearing up the dirt road with an ATV behind West Side Sports in Wadena. An officer investigated but did not encounter the suspect.

June 21

 • A tree fell on a camper and on a man sleeping in a hammock tent at 4 a.m. The man was complaining of head and neck pain. Friends were taking him to the hospital in Wadena to be examined.

 • A deputy received a call from lifeguards at the beach in Menahga reporting a near drowning. Three juvenile males were transported from scene by Tri-County and North Memorial ambulances.

 • A police officer stopped a driver for failure to dim headlights. During the stop, the officer observed an open beer bottle in the pocket behind the driver’s seat. The driver’s wife, who was a passenger in the front seat, told the officer she had consumed it at a friend’s house and taken it with her.The driver admitted to drinking at dinner and complied with a field sobriety test. He was later released from the scene but received a warning for failing to dim his headlights.

 • Damage to headstones at Calvary Cemetery in Wadena was reported.

 • A caller reported the theft of a lawn chair  she last saw in her unlocked garage two months before. The caller suspected her neighbor of the theft.

 • An Eastwood Motel manager reported the theft of two lamps, a refrigerator, towels and pillows. An officer investigated and was told the suspect paid cash for a one-night stay. The suspect arrived with an unknown female who was driving a light blue car. A motel staff member retrieved a previous photocopy of the suspect’s identification card. The suspect left an invalid phone number.

 • A woman asked for police assistance in retrieving property. The woman told police she was staying with a friend and was suddenly ejected from the premises. She alleged her friend was refusing to return her property. Police records showed it was not the first time the woman asked police to help her retrieve property in a living arrangement. She was advised it was a civil matter and that she should contact mutual friends who could help her.

June 22

 • A motorist who was driving a vehicle with one headlight out refused to stop after a police officer activated both an air horn and a siren. When the driver did stop he said he thought the officer’s vehicle was an ambulance and he was not required to stop. He received an education on the laws concerning emergency vehicles and a citation for having an expired driver’s license. The driver said he did not receive notice his license was expired.

 • Police received a harassment complaint from a woman who alleged her mother had been threatening her when the mother was intoxicated. A deputy spoke with the complainant who said her mother had been ejected from a bar in Nimrod but was back in the bar calling customers and bartenders names. She also said her mother had called the bar approximately 20 times. The woman was told to get a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) to keep her mother out of the bar and from calling the bar.

 • A man walked away from the Bell Hill facility located north of Wadena and was later seen north of the hospital in Wadena. The Bell Hill staff reported the man was not aggressive and said he walked away from the treatment facility because he did not want to be there.

June 23

 • A caller told police she wanted D.A.R.E. clothing. Her behavior on the phone was considered abnormal. She was asked her age and replied she was 29. She added her parents were in bed asleep and did not want to wake them.

 • A woman contacted police shortly after midnight and said she suspected someone might be walking around on the 40 acres she called “camp” but did not want an officer to respond immediately. She added she felt safe and would call again in the morning.

 • A woman called to report a bullet hole in a window at St. Hubert’s Church. A deputy investigated and reported the hole did not appear to be made by a bullet.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.