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June 22 Police Scanner

June 11

• A horse standing in the front yard prompted a Wadena County resident to contact the sheriff’s office.

• A rural Wadena caller reported returning home to find her patio door shattered.

• A rural resident tried cashing a check dated April 18 from a person he had been selling hay bales to and found there was no account to cover the check. He also alleged the person buying the hay refused to return it. The complainant was advised it was a civil issue.

• A woman reported finding some cattle on the road and said a man showed up and told her they belonged to him. The woman did not believe him and suspected the cattle were not being cared for properly. A deputy investigated and found the cattle had both grass and water.

June 12

• A woman alleged a dog was in her yard chasing her granddaughter. She told police she recently attended a city council meeting and had been told to call each time an incident with dogs occurred.

June 13

• Police were advised when someone spotted a fawn inside the buffalo pen at Sunnybrook Park.

• A man suspected his female roommate took approximately 25 Vicodin pills and some alcohol. It was later determined no pills had been taken and the female had no intention of harming herself or anyone else.

• A man asked to speak with a deputy after he allegedly saw some drugs at the home of his ex-wife while he was picking up his kids.

• A Wadena resident reported the burglary of a ladder, chain saw and leaf mower.

• A female alleged she was assaulted in the Super One parking lot.

June 14

• The engine compartment of a semi-tractor pulling a cattle trailer caught fire on Highway 10 in the city limits of Wadena. The tractor appeared to be a total loss.

• A woman reported receiving a call from a 10-year-old girl who alleged her mother injured herself while punching in a bedroom door. A deputy responded and found the girl’s mother and grandfather were both intoxicated and transported the girl to the home of a family friend.

June 15

• A caller alleged a man put his hands on a woman during an argument as they walked down the street.

• A caller reported a party in progress at a Wadena residence and suspected there were minors and possibly drugs at the party.

• A caller reported his ex-sister-in-law took some flowers from his flower bed without permission. A deputy spoke with the woman and she said she was under the impression it would be okay to take them.

• A dog was reported barking for about a week in southwest Wadena.

• A caller reported a lot of traffic at a residence across the road from St. Helen’s Church and requested an extra patrol.

• A 13-year-old girl who ran away from her parents earlier in the week was located at a Wadena convenience store and refused to comply with her parent’s instructions. A deputy advised the parents to put the girl in their vehicle physically if they need to and take her home. The girl was later returned to the custody of her parents who were making arrangements for her to stay with other family members.

• A fight was reported to be in progress outside Fire House Bar and Grill northwest of Wadena. It was alleged the participants were Mixed Martial Arts fighters who were having a get-together at the establishment.

June 16

• A man was reported for taking down a fence on South Jefferson in Wadena.

• A caller said a male and a female came to her door wondering if she could help them because their vehicle ran out of gas. A deputy questioned the pair and neither would admit they had been driving the vehicle. The deputy said the vehicle would have to be moved and added both people involved in moving the vehicle would have to be sober. At that point, the female told the officer she thought it would be better if a towing service moved the vehicle.

These reports were derived from Wadena Police Department incident reports and Wadena County Sheriff’s Department call logs.