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Trapshooting club, tennis co-op approved by school board

The District 2155 Wadena-Deer Creek School Board gave the green light to a pair of sports-related proposals Tuesday night at the February meeting in Robertson Theatre.

A trapshooting club for qualified Wadena-Deer Creek students was approved.

The program will cost each participant $200-$250. The only cost to the district will be the team coach.

"All up and down (Highway) 10 schools are going to be doing it," Wadena-Deer Creek Superintendent Virginia Dahlstrom said.

Only students in grades 7-12 with gun safety training will be eligible to compete. WDC Activities Director Norm Gallant is working on the idea of holding local competitions at the Knob Hill Sportman's Club shooting range, east of Wadena. The team would compete in nine meets during the spring, with scores being posted online.

"As a sportsman myself, I think it would provide a good outlet," Gallant said. "The emphasis is on safety."

Ann Pate said she was thankful for the policies and procedures information all board members were provided with before the meeting, adding that she was in favor of offering students new extracurricular activities.

Dahlstorm said the school's policy regarding bringing weapons onto campus will not change. Students participating in the club will have to keep their trap shooting guns at home.

"Our regulations are not going to change on campus," Dahlstrom said. "The students are going to have to be cognizant of what they can and cannot do."

The board also approved a cooperative agreement with Perham in boys' tennis beginning in the spring. Both clubs have been dealing with the problem of thinning ranks. WDC Head Coach Pete Tranvik will manage the team.

Also during the meeting, annual capital requests were submitted to the school board by Kevin LaBarre (custodial), Mike Kenney (grounds), Tim Wohlert (transportation) and Aaron Johnson (technology).

While the district has no capital expenses that are needed for WDC Middle/High School, the total amount of expenses submitted for the elementary school was $322,995.94.

The board will be approving capital requests in a future meeting.

"In the past, for all capital request items, we have set aside roughly $200,000," Dahlstrom told the board.

The board approved a new technology systems position. Dahlstrom told the board the position will cost around $55,000 to fund.

WDC Elementary Principal Louis Rutten proposed the idea of replacing quarterly grade reporting for students in grades K-4 with a trimester reporting schedule.

"It would make more sense probably to do it three times a year," Rutten said. "It fits pretty cleanly in the calendar with the midterm of the first trimester, falling right by our first conferences and then the end of the first tri, probably right near the Christmas break. Our third tri would be right when the second conferences fall in the spring and then the final tri in the end of the year."

Rutten told the board he is projecting five sections of kindergarteners, four sections of first- and second-graders and three sections of third- and fourth-graders.

Rutten added that 103 invitations have been sent out for Kindergarten Roundup next month. "We will probably have 80 or 90 families coming," Rutten said.