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Children receive speech services during summer months

Photo by Dana Pavek, WDC Schools WDC Speech-Language Pathologist Tabitha Petrowski plays a board game with a student Monday, as part of a summer speech and language program at Wadena-Deer Creek Schools.

Wadena-Deer Creek Speech-Language Pathologist Tabitha Petrowski helps children receiving speech services throughout the school year continue their speech-language learning during the summer months. Then, when school starts in the fall, they are able to read, write and speak more successfully.

Petrowski has 14 students who qualify for Extended School Year (ESY) services in speech-language. She works with pre-K-6 students with a variety of needs, such as severe articulation/speech sound delays, fluency/stuttering and basic communication. 

"ESY services are intended to help students maintain speech and language skills that they acquired over the school year and reduce regression of skills over the summer break," Petrowski said. 

For some of WDC's low verbal or non-verbal students, Petrowski focuses on alternative communication systems like picture schedules and visuals at home and in the community. 

Petrowski started working with students June 10, and is expected to continue through the end of July. Lecia Parker also serves as a speech-language pathologist in the district.