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Volunteers move WDC

Photo by Dana Pavek, WDC Schools WDC Schools was grateful volunteers showed up Monday morning to help move three classrooms full of supplies and books.1 / 2
Photo by Dana Pavek, WDC Schools Wadena resident Terry Lynk volunteered his time Monday to help move boxes out of Wadena-Deer Creek High School classrooms.2 / 2

More than 50 people showed up on a hot and sticky Monday morning to help move three high school classrooms out of the lower level of Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary School.

"It was great to see this kind of turnout, especially on a Monday morning and when it's this hot," said Terry Andrie, who is coordinating the summer move into the new school. "Many hands make for light work. I am happy and thankful for the people who showed up. (It's) great to see this support and help."

By 8 a.m., a steady line of WDC staff, school board members, students, retired staff and community members moved art and science supplies, furniture, boxes of books and shelving into a semi-trailer. WDC staff enjoyed seeing retired teachers -- like Fred Palloch, Bert Jeffery and Curt Grenier -- helping out as well as meeting a newcomer, Howie Kangas, WDC's new head football coach.

Several WDC students of all ages helped as well. In about an hour, the work was done and perspiration was running down many faces.

The media center, art room and science room were located in the lower level of WDC Elementary after the June 17th, 2010 tornado destroyed the high school. The loaded trailer will be stored until WDC can occupy the new school later this summer.