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Freeway crossovers for law enforcement or emergency

Question: Are the people who work at the rest areas able to use the turnaround on the Interstate to get to work? I have noticed that the turnarounds are by the rest area exits, and would save them many miles of travel, depending on the direction they are traveling from.

Answer:  No, the turnarounds, or crossovers, on the freeway are not to be used by employees of the rest area. The crossovers are posted with "no U-turn" signs, and are to be used by law enforcement and emergency vehicles along with highway maintenance vehicles.  Even though this would save a person considerable miles, they need to use the proper exit like everyone else.

If you have any questions concerning traffic-related laws in Minnesota, please send your questions to:  Trooper Jesse Grabow, Minnesota State Patrol at 1000 Highway 10 W., Detroit Lakes, MN 56501. Or reach me at