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Technology changing at WDC

As the building of the new school moves forward at record speed, so is Wadena-Deer Creek technology use to supplement curriculum and student learning. Utilizing modern devices to individualize learning is already taking place at Wadena-Deer Creek Schools. Netbooks, iPads, laptops, hand held devices, and math electronic devices such as TI N-spire, are examples of tools currently used to individualize learning and assessments.

Due to the tornado, digital hardware and software already replaced the use of some textbooks and a change from past teaching methods. Teachers are using "Moodle" as a tool to align curriculum and as a resource delivery strategy to check on assignments, take tests on line, upload assignments, and for grading student work electronically by the instructor. In the new facility, major changes will take place. For example, the science department plans to use 3D software in conjunction with the interactive white board for some laboratory experiments.

This spring WDC received $30,000 in RUS grant funding to set up a video conferencing lab for interactive long distance learning, virtual field trips, and for students to interact in real time with students and professionals around the world. WDC also received this past week a three year Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) grant totaling $55,000. The STEM integrated coursework will begin in grade seven for all students and eventually offer a variety of hands-on units of work grade 5-12.

WDC special education teachers and speech language specialists piloted and currently use the iPad in their early childhood through grade 12 classrooms. Given the opportunity to expand current curriculum, and provide digital opportunity for all students, WDC will expand iPad use to all students, grades 5-12 next year. The iPad will be used as a high performance textbook and resource learning tool for students and faculty.

The digital learning curve for "all of us" is a building in progress.