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Wadena County Humane Society Socialization and Obedience Classes

The spring classes for Obedience Training and Socialization will begin Monday, April 16 at 8:30 p.m. at the 4-H Building, Wadena Cty Fair Grounds located on Highway 10 West, Wadena.

Equipment needed:

• 6 foot training lead (leather or web) No chain leads

• Training collar (choke chain, Gentle Leader or Halti, NO prong collars)

• Up to date vaccination records

Dress to be comfortable (both shoes and clothing). Don't feed dogs before class or you will be doing a lot of clean-up. Organizers will have cleaning materials available, also bags for picking up on the grounds outside the building. In addition to the beginning Obedience class, organizers offer advanced obedience training for those dogs having completed a beginner course. This will involve some off lead training on the heel pattern, stand for exam, down stay, sit stay and recall. You will be working with 4-H members in this class beginning at 7:30 p.m. Also classes in agility are offered for your dog. This is a fun class for both you and the dog. Your dog will learn to jump over hurdles, walk over an A-Frame, down stay on a pause table, go through a closed chute and a tunnel. If anyone is interested there are also classes for Rally Obedience as well. Questions? Call Lucille Belch at (218) 631-1925.