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Fourth-grade students follow The Iditarod dog race in Alaska

Photos provided Madison Olson and Isaac Ries chart the progress of their Iditarod mushers.1 / 3
Fourth-grade teacher Chelsey Weiss goes over the Iditarod leader board with students. Pictured are students Garrett Redning and Courtny Warren.2 / 3
A photo of this year's Iditarod winner, Dallas Seavey, arriving at the finish line in Nome, Alaska. WDC fourth-grade teacher, Chelsey Weiss's cousin, sent several photos to Weiss's class throughout Iditarod race.3 / 3

Wadena-Deer Creek fourth-grade students in Chelsey Weiss's class followed the renowned Iditarod dog race in Alaska as a class project.

There were 66 teams who started the race and 53 made it to the finish line in Nome, Alaska. Fourth-grader Jericho Baker had the winning team of Dallas Seavey. Students witnessed a historic race as Seavey was the youngest musher to ever win the Iditarod at the age of 25. He completed the race in 9 days, 4 hours, 29 minutes, and 26 seconds. Taking second place was female musher Aliy Zirkle.

Each day, students would chart the progress of their mushers, filling in times at each checkpoint and how many miles were traveled and still left to go.

"The students really enjoyed the experience," said Weiss. "They realized quickly how fast a musher can move places in the race early on. Some of them would be towards last place and the next day, be up towards the middle of the pack."

The class recently sent Flat Stanley to Nome, Alaska to Weiss's cousin with a letter. Each student was able to write one question they would like to know and many of them asked about The Iditarod. Throughout the race, Weiss's cousin sent pictures of mushers arriving into Nome.